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The Testimonial of Robert Wolfe

Concerning his Second Colon Cleansing Fast, The Results Thereof, and His Admonishment to Others to Follow the Same Path

June, 2002

I recently completed my second week-long Otara fast, with results that were as equally impressive as my first go around. I’m writing this follow-up testimonial for Tara Alder to use to inspire and motivate any of her clients who may want to undertake this program.

After my first week-long fast, I had eliminated about 25 pounds of nasty, black-and-green ropy matter. To say I felt better is a vast understatement. It simply changed my life for the better, and turned me into somewhat of a colon cleansing evangelist. I went to several parties where the entire focus of the evening became the telling and retelling of my power-pooping experience in all of it’s eliminative glory (or is that gory?). Virtually everyone who heard the story -- mostly folks age 35 and up -- wanted more information. What I learned from this is that bathroom talk is not the taboo you may think, especially not for mid-life folks who want to regain their youthful vigor.

In spite of how great I felt, Tara assured me that there was bound to be more nasty buildup in my intestines. So, about seven weeks after my first fast, I started the second fast. I was not particularly looking forward to the event. After all, I enjoy eating as much as the next person. And a colonic per day, while dandy, is not number one on my list of social activities. But if there was any chance whatsoever that there was more of that tarry black stuff inside, I was determined to get it out.

It was once again challenging, but not nearly so difficult for me as the first go around. Knowing what to expect helped. Tara’s unflagging enthusiasm helped, too. The most important motivation, though, was knowing the positive benefits that would accrue if I could see it through.

I went into the fast expecting to wait four or five days to see the first elimination of the bad stuff. In fact, it started coming out after less than 24 hours. It was the gawdawful crap, all right -- black and green, tube-like with a narrow opening down the middle, and hard like a thick inner tube. Instead of 3-5 foot lengths, however, it was coming out in 6 - 12 inch pieces with frayed ends. And even though it was hard, it was not as rock hard as the ropy stuff that I pooped out the first time around.

I have a theory about the difference. I think that originally, my intestine was lined with a solid, thick layer of the stuff. During my fast, large pieces of this solid, long tube broke off and were eliminated. This left chunks inside that had broken or frayed ends, which were able to absorb water. This softened the left-over chunks and, when I began another cleansing fast, made it easier to eliminate them. The entire process was greatly aided by the fact that my diet had been very good during the period between the fasts.

In any case, there was a steady volume of material, with several days where the total “flow” was quite impressive. By the end of the sixth day, the material stopped coming out, so I stopped the fast.

The results? I feel even better than before! My metabolism simply screams along at high speed these days. Whenever I eat, I can feel my energy level soar through the roof within minutes. On top of that, I lost five more pounds, making my total weight loss during the two months to thirty pounds. I look better, I feel better, and my body sure works better.

My diet has permanently changed for the better, too. And my workouts seem more effective, creating more changes in my body in a way that didn’t happen as easily before my fasts. You want more? My outlook on life in general is more positive. Losing a bunch of weight and regaining youthful energy makes everything better, period. I’ve won respect from friends and acquaintances, especially those who would like the same results for themselves. I went out and bought new clothes, because none of my old ones fit anymore.

I could go on. But instead, I’ll leave you with this. Do it. Do it now. Don’t waste the next twenty or thirty or forty years of your life feeling like hell because you have a nasty, clogged colon. Blow your colon, lost the weight, and feel better. Your life depends on it.

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