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How I Lost Weight, Improved My Life, and Became A Happy Man Through Colon Hydrotherapy

by Bob Wolfe

Colon Hydrotherapy with Tara Alder has changed my life for the better in dramatic ways. I am so happy and enthusiastic about the results that I achieved that I have become a real power pooping advocate. It never would have happened without Tara’s help and support, so I agreed to write this testimonial for her. But let me start at the beginning.

I have always exercised vigorously, but found it hard to lose weight. Over the past five years I had become fat and out of shape, my diet had devolved into a feeding frenzy of fatty, meaty and cheesy ecstasy, and my attitude was uncaring. “Hey, your body changes when you turn forty, it’s just harder to get into shape,” I told myself. Indigestion, gas and staying up late due to an upset stomach were normal things for guys my age, I thought.

At 230 pounds, I was still able to fight in karate tournaments against other black belts and easily hold my own -- but my body didn’t feel as good. It ain’t easy being athletic when you’re thirty five pounds overweight. It was even hard to bend over, due to my solid-but-quite-large abdomen getting in the way. So, last year, I decided to change my lifestyle and give myself a mid-life tuneup. I cut back on the bad food and started running again. After about five months I was feeling more fit but found it hard to maintain a quality diet. And, I had lost only a few pounds -- when what I really wanted was to lose thirty pounds or more.

So I took a more drastic step. I went on a fruit-and-salad diet for a week. After two days, I was crapping out a lot of nasty stuff, and I lost a few more pounds. It felt great, but I knew there was more to go. I decided to get a colon cleansing.

I had known of colon hydrotherapy for many years. I spent twelve years in the supplement and natural foods industry, and was aware of the many over-the-counter colon cleansing products. I had read about colon hydrotherapy many times. I was sure it would be beneficial, but I was reluctant to visit some stranger to have a tube inserted into my rectum. But I was serious about my lifestyle and dietary change, and decided that colon cleansing was a big step that would help me prove to myself that I was serious about reaching my goals. I did some Internet searching, found the IACT site, and called Tara Alder, the only certified colon hydrotherapist in our area.

I was immediately put at ease by her supportive and nonjudgmental demeanor. After talking with her, I agreed to a three-session package deal. The sessions were comfortable and even pleasant, and I was very impressed by the amount of nasty looking stuff that came out of me.

After three sessions, I felt like a new man. I lost several pounds of weight, but more important were the changed in my digestion. My gas and indigestion went away, and that feeling of being perpetually “full” in the middle went away too. I could bend over with no discomfort, and pleasure that I had not experienced in years. I tightened my belt a notch.

Wait a minute, Tara told me. You’re not through yet. If you think that’s something, you should do an intestinal cleanse.

Now, I had never heard of such a thing. But after a talk with Tara and reading the book by Loree Taylor and looking at the pictures in Bernard Jensen’s book, I agreed to attend a meeting for people considering a seven day fasting cleanse. At the meeting, a very respectable fellow named Rod told a story about doing the same program with impressive results. He told us that he had eliminated many feet of hard, rubbery material just like the gooey stuff in the pictures. Rod was not a “woo-woo” kind of guy, but intelligent and educated. I found his story to be convincing, and signed up for the program immediately.

It was not the easiest thing I’ve done. While I never experienced any hunger pangs or serious loss of energy, it was very challenging to avoid all food. I had strong psychological cravings. It was also quite a bit of work to take all of the supplements that were recommended. I talked daily of quitting the fast. Seeing Tara for my daily colon hydrotherapy session was a key step in keeping me on track. When my wife and friends started objecting to all of my bowel movement talk, Tara was always willing to listen to one more poop story -- and that was very helpful.

Still, at the end of day four, I though I was all cleaned out. I had eaten only salad and fruit for a week, and nothing at all for four days. Lots and lots of nasty looking stuff had come out of me during my sessions, but the flow had almost come to a halt. I was pretty sure there was nothing left. I strongly considered quitting at that point.

But that night, I had what felt like indigestion all night, like a big meal was moving through my system. It actually kept me awake for hours. The next morning I sat on the toilet and out came over three solid feet of matter. It wasn’t poop, it was something else. It was dark and convoluted like the pictures in the Jensen book. It lay there in the toilet looking back at me. So, I reached in and picked it up.

Man, that stuff was nasty. It was a hard, rubbery and slimy tube two to three inches in diameter. It was hollow, with an opening through the middle as big around as a pencil, a very narrow opening that I realized was the primary conduit for all the food that I ate. I swung it around like a jump rope and it didn’t break. I had at last eliminated some of my intestinal lining.

I was elated! Actually, I was horrified, shocked and sickened. I mean, I was really happy that stuff wasn’t in me anymore. But I was disgusted that it had been there at all. Needless to say, I vowed then and there to finish the fast all the way to the end.

That day during my colon hydrotherapy session, I passed at least another ten feet of the same stuff while on the table, and another five or six feet worth into the toilet afterwards. I lost eight pounds in about an hour that day, and it wasn’t body fat folks. The next day, day six, I passed yet another huge amount of the same stuff and lost another five pounds. I seriously considered continuing the fast for more than seven days, but on day seven I resumed eating.

All told, I lost 24 pounds over a two week period that included my initial three colon hydrotherapy sessions followed by the seven day fast. My digestion is now in hyperdrive, and whatever I eat is turned into energy so easily and quickly that I can feel it happening. No gas, no indigestion. My abdomen feels nearly empty, and I have seen impressive increases in my flexibility and stamina now that I don’t have an extra 24 pounds of stuff inside me. My workouts have improved quickly. My attitude about life has improved, too. My weight has remained very stable, and I weigh the same now as I did at the end of day seven of the fast. My diet has improved dramatically, because I cannot imagine ruining all of my hard work by munching on junk food. My family has even come to appreciate the constant flow of fresh fruit and salads. I have tightened my belt three notches, and I need to buy some new clothes that fit better. I could go on about the positive changes, but you get the picture. I am now planning to go through the seven day fasting cleanse again. If there is any chance at all that more of that nasty crap is inside me, I want it out.

None of these desirable and impressive changes would have happened without Tara’s assistance and motivation. She did me a truly great service that has changed my life, and I am very grateful. Keep up the good work, Tara.

Robert Wolfe
Oregon Pinot Noir Club
816 Nantucket Ave.
Eugene, OR 97404
Locals Only line: 688-0057

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