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April 30, 2002

Testimony of Rod about his health and internal cleanses with Tara Alder:

Doing an internal cleanse was one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. I found the benefits of eliminating unwanted waste material from my body to be so great that I have done three internal cleanses during a one and a half year period.

I decided to do the first internal cleanse after I was scheduled for hemorrhoid surgery. I had a fear that if I had a bowel movement soon after surgery, it would not be a pleasant experience. I read several books on colon health to help me determine how to get my colon in the best possible shape before the surgery. Because these books recommended colonic irrigations for optimum colon health, I decided I should have a colonic irrigation before the surgery and so I called a hydro therapist listed in the phone book. The only hydro therapist listed was booked solid for about three months, so she referred me to Tara, who was relatively new in town as a colon hydro therapist and whose name was not yet listed in the phone book. After consulting with Tara, who gave me more literature on colon health including Dr. Bernard Jensen’s book: “Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management”, I arranged for a series of three colonics before my surgery including one a couple of hours before the scheduled surgery. (I reasoned that because I normally had a bowl movement only once every three or four days, I would be well on my way to healing after the surgery before I had my first post surgery bowel movement).

My wife drove me to the doctors office for the surgery, but the doctor was not able to make it-he had been called away for a medical emergency. Another surgery date was scheduled for the following week.

I had been reading Dr. Jensen’s book and the healing benefits that his tissue-cleansing plan claimed and reasoned that if I followed his seven-day fast with colonics, maybe I could heal my hemorrhoids.

So I began my first internal cleanse. I fasted for seven days while following the program developed by Dr. Jensen. Every three hours (from 6:00 am until 9:00 pm) during the seven-day fast, I drank a mixture of bentonite clay and psyllium husks to help absorb and remove toxic materials from both my small intestine and large intestine. . One and one half hours after taking this cleansing drink and then every three hours, I took supplements that included calcium, niacin, vitamin C, essential fatty acids, alfalfa tablets, dulse, and digestive enzymes. With these supplements I drank flax seed tea to both lubricate and heal my digestive track.

Several hours after beginning the fast, I developed a headache and I began to feel sick all over. I knew from the books I read on colon health that this was the result of toxins being released in my body that were not being eliminated from my body. I gave myself an enema and my headache and sick feelings went away. Because colonics are so much more effective, easier, and actually enjoyable, I had scheduled a series of daily colonics beginning the next day. I continued with daily colonics during the fast and supplemented occasionally with enemas only if I needed them.

I also continued my usual regime of aerobic exercise. I ran or rode an exercise bike for 30 minutes every day. I believe this was very important in helping to eliminate toxins during the fast.

During the fast I generally felt very good. I felt light and at times light headed, but I had plenty of energy. At times, as toxins built up in my body between colonics, I found it difficult to concentrate. I worked at my job during most of the fast but then decided to take two or three days off toward the end of the fast.

After about four or five days of fasting, during the colonics, I began to eliminate black rubbery material similar to that described in Dr. Jensen’s book. I was completely amazed at what I saw leaving my body and I was elated to be getting rid of it.

During the fast, I had a sense of well being that increased as time went on. Toward the end of the fast my thinking was very clear and I felt peaceful. I had lost about ten pounds, my skin texture and color improved, and my hemorrhoids were no longer bothering me.

My wife took me to the second scheduled hemorrhoid surgery appointment and I went into the surgery room. After my doctor examined me, he said he could not see any reason to perform hemorrhoid surgery because my hemorrhoids had healed so well.

After completing the fast, my body only wanted healthy food. I drank vegetable juices and ate salads and fish for several days after the fast. I no longer drank coffee because my body no longer wanted any. My energy level improved noticeably and the frequency of my bowel movements increased to once per day. I felt much happier.

But as time went on, I began introducing unhealthier foods into my body and after a few months my digestion was not so good any more. My hemorrhoids began bothering me again.

About six months later, I did a second internal cleanse. This cleanse was similar to the first cleanse, but more of the impacted waste material was eliminated earlier during the seven days of fasting. My sense of well-being was significantly greater than after the first cleanse. Toward the end of the cleanse, when I felt like I had completely eliminated all of the waste material from my body, I experienced a sense of inner calmness that I have never experienced before.

After this second cleanse, I have continued to eat mostly healthy foods and a minimum amount of unhealthy foods because my body wants healthy foods.

But after each internal cleanse, after a few months, my digestion regressed back toward the condition that existed before the internal cleanses. About two months ago I found out why. I will tell why below, but first I will give some background information about my health.

I have had stomach problems for almost as long as I can remember. When I was seven or eight years old, I had a terrible stomachache that lasted three or four months. I was in terrible pain and did not know what was wrong. Over time the pain became less, but it was always there. And, as long as I can remember, my body has cycled between feeling good and feeling tired and listless. And as long as I can remember, my stools have alternated between hard and soft. Until recently, I thought this was normal.

When I was 22 years old, I was diagnosed with having a duodenal ulcer. When my medical doctor asked me how long my stomach had been hurting, I said that it has always hurt. My doctor recommended that I change my diet to eat bland foods and to stop worrying so much. Over time the ulcer seemed to have healed, but I still felt bad much of the time.

When I was about 30 years old, my medical doctor (a different doctor) said I had a spastic colon and that I had celiac sprue. He did not know what caused spastic colon. He said the celiac sprue, which is an inability to digest gluten in wheat (and some other grains) causes an inability to assimilate nutrients. He said it is genetically inherited. He recommended that I not eat wheat and other grains that contain gluten. So for several years I ate no gluten containing foods and it did not make any difference. Then I began eating wheat and other gluten containing foods again and nothing changed.

I spent years trying to find out what was wrong with me and why I felt bad much of time. I read books on candida albicans, and I concluded that I had this yeast overgrowth infection. I tried not eating dairy, wheat, sugar, coffee etc. as the literature recommended, but this did not help significantly.

When I was about 40, I read a book on heavy metal toxicity and mercury poisoning and concluded that I must have mercury poisoning. I then had the mercury amalgams removed from my teeth and I had a molar with a root canal extracted. A few years later, I read more books on mercury poisoning and chelation therapy and discovered that the mercury could be removed from my body. I went to a naturopath who confirmed through testing that my mercury levels were much too high. Through his guidance, I underwent two to three years of oral chelation therapy. My health increased significantly from this therapy, but I still had problems with my digestion, and I still did not feel good much of the time.

On several occasions, when visiting Tara, she mentioned that I could possibly have a problem with parasites. I did not think so because I had supposedly rid myself of parasites several times over the past three years using over the counter type parasite cleanses that used natural herbs.

Then my naturopath recommended that I be checked for parasites. I sent stool samples and saliva samples to a lab that specialized in parasite detection. The lab used relatively new tests that checks for parasite antigens. This testing method is supposedly much more accurate than physical microscopic tests used by many other labs. The sample tests resulted in positive tests for two protozoa: Giardia Lamblia and Entamoeba Histolytica; and a bacteria: Helicobacter Pylori. I believe I ingested these parasites when camping and drinking out of streams as a child, and they have been with me ever since.

The H. Pylori bacterium is now known by the medical profession to cause duodenal ulcers, but at the time I was diagnosed with my ulcer 30 years ago, the cause was not known.

Tara gave me literature to read about parasites including a book called “The Parasite Menace”, by Skye Winetraub, N.D. In her book, Dr. Winetraub indicated that giardia mimics symptoms of celiac sprue because giardia causes malabsorption of nutrients (the giardia eat first leaving me with what is left over). And because of this malabsorption, undigested food tends to enter the large intestine, feeding candida albicans overgrowth.

To eliminate these parasites, I was treated with antibiotics (metronidazole and yodoxin). One of the side effects of the antibiotics is headaches and nausea, which I experienced. I believed that these symptoms were the result of the antibiotics killing all of the bacteria in my body, the good as well as the bad, creating toxins from the die off of the bacteria. This belief compelled me to do a third internal cleanse, from which I experienced immediate relief from the headaches and nausea after the first colonic.

Since the completion of the antibiotic treatment and third internal cleanse, I no longer have stomach pain or loose stools. My digestion problems have improved significantly. I have no cravings for coffee or sugar and I prefer healthy foods to unhealthy foods. Instead of my previous bowel movement frequency of once every three or four days, I now have one or two bowel movements a day. I no longer cycle between feeling good and feeling bad-I feel good all of the time. My ability to concentrate has increased and I have a higher overall energy level.

Tara has been instrumental to me in my return to health. In addition to providing colonic irrigations, she has supported me in many other ways. She has educated me by passing on her knowledge and health related literature. And she has given of herself by listening to my health problems and concerns, by giving me guidance while helping me through the internal cleanses, and by giving me her complete attention when I am with her. I have been very impressed with her thoughtful and considerate support and I am eternally grateful to her for all of her help.

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