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Colon Hydrotherapy Videos

There are many more videos like these on my YouTube channel here!

Gut Health, Detox, and Biome Medic

Carolyn Candido, MD and Tara Alder discuss digestive health, detox strategy aimed at eliminating herbicide residue, especially glyphosate, from the body, and using Biome Medic for effective detox.


Colon Hydrotherapy with Tara Alder


Getting To Know Our Guts


Tara at Kona Gold - Part I


Tara at Kona Gold - Part II


How to Do an Enema Part 1


How to Do an Enema Part 2


More Information on Enemas Part 3


How to Do a Home Enema in 10 Quick & Easy Steps!


How to Make a Green Smoothie



More Colon Hydrotherapy Related Videos


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