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Valentine's Day Massacre

Seventy-nine years ago, Al Capone ordered seven rival bootlegging mobsters to be killed in a Chicago garage. Newspapers called that murderous incident "The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre," a phrase that has become a part of America's culture.

During that same year (1929), eight Good Humor ice cream trucks were blown up by the Chicgo mob because the dairy industry refused to pay "protection money." The trucks were insured, and the resulting publicity allowed the company to increase sales dramatically.

What else happened in 1929? The National Dairy Corporation merged with a small cheese company called Kraft-Phenix, and the dairy industry has never looked back.

Ten pounds of milk are required to manufacture one pound of hard cheese. Many people are not aware that four pounds of milk are required to manufacture one pound of milk chocolate, and today (February 14th, 2008) marks National Milk Chocolate Day, otherwise known as Valentine's Day.

More zits will blossom in America during the following seven days than in any other week out of the year. Here's why:


Milk chocolate is not good for one's health. After all, the ingredients are milk, sugar, and chocolate. Cocolate contains a substance (theobromine) similar to caffeine. However, milk chocolate Valentine's Day gifts also represent the most unethical and morally corrupt food in American diets.

Milk chocolate is called a "comfort food" for good reason. This so-called snack is more than just psychologically addictive. Regular users of milk
chocolate become addicts and slaves to a naturally occurring milk opiate that is similar to morphine.

This is a part of Mother Nature's infinitely wonderous plan, to make nursing more than pleasurable. Casomorphin is addictive. That's why weaning is so difficult for any species of mammal. Man's folly is his ability to concentate
milk products into so-called comfort foods and further create addicts to that naturally occurring milk opiate.

What follows is the most distressing and morally offensive story that I have ever been witness to.

M & M's once melted in people's mouths not in their hands. After reading today's column, those same M & M's will melt and fuse the most disturbing image into your soul.

I grew up in New York City in the 1950s, and like any child loved candy, particularly chocolate.

In the late 50s, it was safe enough for a third grade student to walk from P.S. 78 in the Bronx to a Boston Road pizzeria, where a slice was just 15 cents and the soda a dime. I would have plenty left over from the dollar bill given to me by my mother to enjoy a pocket filled with chocolate treats from the corner candy store.

My favorite candy was contained within a large glass jar. These miniature models of little chocolate babies were addictive! I did not know until recently that a naturally occurring opiate, a morphine-like substance in milk, casomorphin, would be the source of my insatiable love for chocolate.
I just knew what I liked. Casomorphin has been identified as a factor in attention deficit disorder and autism:


What made these treats special was how lifelike they looked. Each piece was a tiny brown chewy doll with distinct facial features.

Other kids on my block and in my school called these chocolate candies "nigger babies."

Black children had to endure the stereotypes created by a world in which there were still civil war survivors. Rosa Parks had not yet taken her famous bus ride. Martin Luther King had not yet had his dream.

The 1950s was a time in which Little Black Sambo was a goodnight story many pre-schoolers were read before bed. I can still remember the illustrations. There were no Dr. Seuss or Shel Silverstein books to enlighten 6-year-olds.

One of the most popular comedy TV shows was Amos & Andy, and the Jack Benny comedy show had a character, Rochester, who was no role model of equality for children of African heritage.

Malcolm X and Jesse Jackson were still in school, and Al Sharpton had not yet offended his first white brother.

Fifty years later, the world has changed and much of the physical and psychological slavery imposed upon those with black skin has disappeared. We still have some work to do, of course, but things in America have changed so that a black man like Barack Obama is ready to ascend to the nation's highest office.


There continues to be injustice, and oppressed black children of the nation of Ivory Coast and adjacent terror-tories are being sold into slavery to support one industry.


Hershey, Nestle, and Mars candy bar lovers have got to come to terms with this one.

Most of the world's cocoa beans are grown on the more than 600,000 cocoa farms located in the nation of Ivory Coast.


Tens of thousands of children have been kidnapped from their homes and sold into slavery. These children plant, pick, bag, and carry the beans for plantation owners.

Lawrence T. Graham, president of the Chocolate Manufacturers Association admits:

"The industry alone can't fix this. We're dealing with a sovereign government."

Chocolate manufactures have known about slavery for many years and have not done a thing about it. Perhaps it's now time for consumers to act.


Milk chocolate is the weakness of American dieters. The first ingredient is sugar. The second ingredient is milk. The third ingredient is the cocoa bean, brought directly to you upon the blood, sweat, and tears of children living in slavery.

With each bit of chocolate that melts in your mouth, you also deliver allergenic proteins and bovine growth hormones to your cells. With each bite of chocolate, you endorse the world's greatest injustice.

Sneaker and clothing manufacturers have suffered the anger of a buying public, who, aware of inequities, refuse to support companies responsible for such abuse. Cesar Chavez led a movement that exposed the plight of migrant workers.

Slavery takes this abuse of humans to a new level.

Chocolate consumers must be made aware that the purchase of each candy bar continues to support the world's most horrifying secret.

Chocolate milk drinkers of the world unite!

African American school children are the targets of dairy industry marketing. Drink dairy or soy chocolate milk and add fuel to a system that perpetrates slavery.

Robert Cohen


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