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Cleansing Support

Eating with family aids in digestion!

  • Water: So necessary for all bodily functions. Remember to drink at least 8 glasses each day. Avoid liquids a half-hour prior to, during, or within one hour after meals.
  • Exercise: Walking is excellent, Rebound exercise is fabulous for toning the colon and other organs as well as for stimulation of the lymphatic system. Any form of exercise that pleases you is important.
  • Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Gel: Heals tissues throughout the entire digestive tract. Mix 1 or more oz. into 7oz. of raw apple or preferred juice 3 times daily.
  • Dietary Chlorophyll: Nourishes and oxygenates entire system, detoxifies small intestine from ileo-cecal valve malfunction and prevents parasites from living in intestines.
  • Health Drink: For Oxygenation and healing of the digestive tract. Mix 1 oz. of Whole Leaf Aloe Vera juice with 1 tsp. of Dietary Chlorophyll in juice, tea, or water every morning.
  • Fresh Vegetable Juice: Nourishes the body without working the digestive tract. When drunk immediately after having been juiced, enzymes are still live and active. Adding spirulina and or wheat grass is also extremely nourishing.
  • Potassium: Maintains the electrolyte balance and aids water absorption.
  • Probiotics: Aids in providing a balance of positive bacteria in the colon and may reduce gas. It is very important to replace friendly flora with a good probiotic after-anti biotic use.
  • Digestive Enzymes: Helps with digestive process, use quality product, you get what you pay for. Most are taken with meals.
  • Fiber Formula: Bulking agents, natural fiber and bowel cleansers. Mix a teaspoon and gradually increase to tablespoon of fiber with 8oz of water ½ hour before or 2 hours after meals in the morning and evening. You must drink extra glasses of water after taking and throughout the day, at least 6 to 8 glasses. Use for a few days to a week while cleansing for optimal benefit.
  • Bentonite clay water: One tablespoon with 2 cups of water in the morning and night with your fiber drink. This is a highly absorbent medium with a negative electrical charge that will bond with most positive electrically charged toxins in the intestine. In combination with fiber and extra water this will help in the removal of and enable the elimination of toxins.
  • Rejuvelac: A fermented drink made from soaked wheat berries. This is high in all the friendly bacteria so necessary for a healthy colon. Soak 1 cup of wheat berries in 1 qt. of water for 24 hrs. Drink the water and re-soak the berries for another 24 hours. You may reuse the grain 3 to 5 times. (Try millet or barley too)
  • Castor Oil Pack: To soothe abdominal tightness, cramping or pain and to loosen impactions. Rub cold pressed castor oil onto your abdomen and cover with a piece of wool flannel. Then wrap a piece of plastic around your waist covering the flannel, cover again with a shirt or towel and apply a hot water bottle or a heating pad set on medium for 1 to 2 hours.
  • Colon Massage: To increase peristalsis and to loosen impactions. After warm herb tea or a glass of lemon water, massage from right to left, up, across and down.
  • Slant Board: Helps elevate the colon. 10 to 30 minutes daily is great.
  • Skin Brushing: Detoxifies the skin, stimulates blood supply. Feet to shoulders. Concentrate on abdominal area, chest, and arches of feet. Try following skin brushing with a cold shower to close the pores.
  • Hydrotherapy Bath: To detoxify do either Epsom salt bath or a powdered ginger bath the evening following a colonic when possible. For Epsom salt bath use 2 cups to half a tub of water as warm as you can tolerate. For powdered ginger bath use 4 tablespoons to a half a tub of water as hot as you can tolerate. Bath for 10 to 14 minutes only.

Drink vegetable juices, eat lightly and combine foods properly.
Take the supplements that are appropriate for you.

Greater health results are attained when dietary and lifestyle habits are considered.
Avoid liquids one hour before your colonic.


  • HYDRATION: Purified water with lemon to help alkalize blood, fresh in season vegetable or fruit juice, and a variety of herbal teas.
  • BALANCED DIET: High in vegetables, whole grains and fruit. Low in saturated fat and avoiding refined flour and sugar.
  • FOOD COMBINING: Charts and further education are available here and here.
  • FOOD ROTATION: The average person usually eats the same 25 types of food throughout their lifetime. Food sensitivities may develop. Learn to develop a taste for a variety of foods and vary them.
  • EXERCISE: Walk, swim, dance, etc…. MOVE!
  • STRESS MANAGEMENT: Take a break from worry, release tension, love, live!!!

**Consider eating what's local and in season!


When hungry eat each day:

  1. Fresh organic seasonal fruit - moderate with citrus
  2. Fresh organic raw vegetable salad with flax oil and vinegar, fresh sqeezed lemon, or Avocado dressing. - No iceberg lettuce
  3. Fresh lightly steamed organic vegetables - corn either raw and/or chewed exceptionally thoroughly.
  4. Homemade vegetable soups - use plenty of organic: carrots, celery and tops, and new potatoes, etc.
  5. Miso broth (boil water and turn off then adding miso at a 108 degrees keeping enzymes alive)
  6. Fresh organic raw vegetable juices (try carrot, beet, celery , spinich and a pinch of ginger to heat up)
  7. Herbal beverage, herbal teas, (chamomile, slippery elm, peppermint, pau de archo, nettles, red raspberry and marshmallow root.)
  8. Seasonings to add after cooking - Braggs, sea salt, Young Living Essential oils, Vega-sal, dill, basil, oragano, super tonic, and etc.
  9. Organic yams and new potatoes ( small red or white, never russett or idaho to create diversity promoting health)
  10. Organic steel cut oats, brown rice, quinoa
  11. Buchlers broth- steam for 8 minutes, equal parts organic: zucchini, green beans, parsley heads and celery. Place steamed vegetables in the blender, add half of the vegetable volume of broth from steamer and puree. Drink 1-3 large glasses daily.

Please avoid all red meats, bread, pasta, unsoaked nuts, cheese, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, beans, and sugar in any form.
These foods are hard to digest and may interfere with your cleansing process. Always chew your food thoroughly! Remember at least 8 glasses of water daily, always, for as long as you intend to live in vibrant health. Or try taking your body weight, divide by two and add ounces to the number. (Example 150 pounds = 75ounces purified water to consume daily)

Continue to consult with your physician for your health concerns.

Ask about our combination for optimal health.

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