Is this procedure safe?

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Alder Brooke Healing Arts offers a low-pressure system ensuring safety and comfort. The water is both filtered and ultra violet light sterilized. We use only sterile, disposable equipment in each session.

During Colon Hydrotherapy the water temperature is precisely regulated and control of the pressure is constantly maintained. As you lay down covered on a on a full-length padded table, warm water in slow motion is gently trickled in allowing a complete cleansing and hydrating of the entire colon.

In this way the colon is gently washed in intervals (a little water in - waste and water out - repeated again and again). Imagine a wave gently touching the beach, then receding, carrying away silt and residue each time.

Colon Hydrotherapy sessions are often accompanied by aromatherapy, abdominal stimulation, meridian clearing work, foot reflexology and warm stone application if desired.

Original Alder Brooke Office

Cleansing support guidelines and nutritional information are also available as a part of our service. When cleansing, we encourage proper food combining with conscious nutrition. We also strive to make available current information to help you to reach and maintain your optimal health goals.

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