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Understanding Your Colon

The colon, also referred to as the bowel or large intestine, is a muscular tube approximately 5 feet long which completes your alimentary canal. It is lined with tissue like the inside of your cheeks and secretes lubrication and mucus.

An abundance of beneficial bacteria inhabit the lubricating mucous of the colon lining. This flora functions to neutralize, dissipate, and help prevent toxic conditions from developing in the colon. The mucus is a protective barrier that allows nutrients to absorb.

Wave-like movements help form and pass stool along. Waste will be eliminated completely after 24 hours of consumption. Ideally, one should have as many bowel movements per day as meals. This is a cleansing process that occurs in a healthy colon as it forms and eliminates feces.

Colon Cleansing

When we take in more food, emotions, or mental stress than we can utilize and eliminate, toxicity occurs in our bodies. Colon cleansing is a detoxification process using water, herbs, foods, fibers, or clay.

Historically, colon cleansing with water has been recognized as a valuable practice in maintaining and regaining health; medical records from 1500 B.C. document its use.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy - also known as colonics - is a powerful method of cleansing using purified water, allowing cell rejuvenation. Gentle hydration washes material from the colon walls. This reduction of bacteria and toxin levels stimulate additional release from the vascular and lymphatic systems.

We use both the open and closed instruments which are FDA approved and registered. By using only new and disposable utensils with each session we insure sanitation. Our water is both filtered and ultraviolet light sterilized. The water gently flows into your body and waste and water are released into the city septic system.

Caution: Federal Law (U.S.A.) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician or licensed health care practitioner.

Consider a colonic anytime!

Enhancing the body’s ability to eliminate waste can be a key addition to obtaining your optimal health goals. Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe effective way to hydrate, encouraging our bodies in natural elimination. Both occasional and seasonal cleansing may be beneficial.

When we reduce our toxic load, we are more responsive to our body's needs. We may overcome our addictions, cravings, abusive habits and create a greater life force. This revitalizes natural functions, empowers new lifestyle choices, and promotes true healing.

Before and after your session cleanse naturally with whole, live fruits, vegetables and juices. Consider avoiding processed foods, dairy, wheat, and animal products.

Best results are sustained when we consciously consume high fiber, essential fatty acids (EFA’s), probiotics and enzyme rich foods that nourish and balance the body.

Flax seeds ground fresh are a great both soluble and insoluble source of fiber and are rich in EFA’s. Capsule enzymes are also available and supplementation with probiotics is often recommended.

Signs of Imbalance

There are many contributing factors leading to bowel problems – Stress, inadequate exercise as well as over-consumption of foods lacking fiber and nourishment.

As a culture, we routinely ignore the call of nature, as we rush through our day, overriding our body's normal reflex to defecate after eating. This trains our bowel to expand and retain, rather than expanding and contracting, enabling the constant flow.

When we fail to eliminate thoroughly and in a timely manner, changes in the balance of bacteria can affect absorption of nutrients or toxins. An internal imbalance is often first recognized as constipation, bloating, diarrhea or gas.

Symptoms of internal imbalance include:

*memory loss
*poor concentration
*prostate trouble
*poor circulation

*poor appetite
*food craving
*abdominal pain
*reduced sexuality

Tara Alder is nationally certified and is an instructor with the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT). Tara has enjoyed professional experience in the healing arts since 2000. Tara attends and teaches at health conferences and is an international speaker. Tara maintains continuing education hours annually staying current on recent health discoveries.

As a natural health coach with a holistic approach and a gentle nurturing touch, Tara believes that everyone deserves to live an extraordinary life with youthful vitality.

Alder Brooke Healing Arts is a beautiful garden spa and education center designed to meet your special needs. You are invited to experience the benefits of cleansing in our safe, comfortable, relaxed environment. Consultations and sessions are available for your specific concerns and questions by appointment.

We may require physician consultation and prescription prior to sessions. We work directly with local physicians to facilitate this process for you.

Gift certificates are available - Contact Tara here.

Alder Brooke Healing Arts

Tara Alder
CEO & Health Inspiration
Alder Brooke Healing Arts
"Love Life Now!"

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The information presented in this website should NOT be construed as medical advice. Colon Hydrotherapists DO NOT diagnose, prescribe, insert, cure or prevent any disease. You should always discuss your medical history with your own personal practitioner licensed by law.


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