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Living in Raw Magic

principles for living in Grace with Heart...

Forgiveness is crucial to happiness.

The grace we exhibit is living magic!

We make our own reality, attention going with
the intent of the energy flow.

From within power comes and "Now" is the moment!!!

Change is possible. Change is and always will be.

Harmony is the fruit of the vine.

Share the happiness, forgive yourself and move on with heart.

Love yourself, and let others love you too!

Some important words I have learned in my travels to Hawaii...

ALOHA can mean hello, goodbye, and to love is to share
the happiness of the breath of life with you.

MAHALO means thank you.

ALOHA AU IA OE means that I love you from my heart.
This is a very special and sacred love.

MAHALOHA - ask me to tell you about this one...

*   *   *

With a Hawaiian Kahuna I met on the Big Island, I studied
the principals and practice of Ho'oponopono...

These 4 phrases of Ho'oponopono can save a relationship.

I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

A few other things he taught me are simplified with these two statements...

I am enough.
Off duty.

The first is my mantra on many days when my kids, pets,
and bill collectors seem to keep wanting more.
The second is my answer when my kids want more at the end of the day.

"Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone." ~ P. Picasso

risk more than others think is safe. care more than others think is wise. dream more than others think is practical. expect more than others think is possible.

Love and peace

*   *   *

from Huna, the ancient Hawaiian wisdom tradition...

The Seven Huna Principles

IKE - The World is what you think it is.

KALA - There are no limits.

MAKIA - Energy flows where attention goes.

MANAWA - Now is the moment of Power.

ALOHA - To love is to share the happiness of the breath of life.

MANA - All power comes from within.

PONO - Effectiveness is the measure of Truth.

*   *   *

The Spiritual Precepts of Reiki

Just for today, do not worry.

Just for today, do not anger.

Honor your parents, teachers, and elders.

Earn your living honestly.

Show gratitude to every living thing.  

*   *   *

Alder Brooke Healing Arts Credo

1. Think good thoughts and say good things.

2. Read - if you read 5 books on any subject, you may become an expert.

3. Set goals - short term and long term. Put them in writing.

4. Integrity with others. To thine own self be true. Honesty and
integrity with others develops TRUST.

5. Self discipline. Keep commitments - to others and to yourself.

6. Be responsible. Your lot in life is strictly up to you. Follow
through with your commitments. Check in to ensure completion.

7. Seek out the right kind of friends and associates.

8. Learn to handle the failures and setbacks.

9. Go the 2nd mile. Do TWICE what is expected.

10. Invest in yourself. Be open to learn, have fun and grow.

11. Forgive. Give a 2nd chance (but maybe 3 strikes and you're out).

12. Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you.

13. Allow yourself to feel emotions and allow others the same.

14. Recognize that other people are different with regard to values,
emotions, etc. This is okay.

15. Listen to others -- you may learn something. You rarely learn
anything while you're talking.

16. Mistakes will be made. But it's truly a sad mistake when nothing
is learned from your mistakes.


18. Never give up.


*   *   *

Tara's Favorite Quotes

For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.
~ Carl Sagan ~

water fall

*   *   *


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