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Tara relaxing after the cleanse


The “Oh Tara” optimal health cleanse is a revitalization program based on three different very well known and respected fasting programs. I have taken the best features from each and synthesized them in an easy to follow approach designed to maximize the benefits that you will derive from following the Oh Tara cleanse. The three programs are as follows: 1) Loree Taylor Jordan’s 7-day bowel boot camp; 2) Dr. Bernard Jensen's tissue cleanse through bowel management; and 3) Dr. Stephen Bailey's fasting diet program. The Oh Tara Cleanse is a 17 day program which is geared to opening up the bowel and is specifically designed to release its hardened contents so that the rest of the tissues of the body can then heal and regenerate.


The program begins with a three day preparatory period in which a fruit and vegetable bulking diet is emphasized. Only juices, cleansing drinks, herbs and supplements are ingested for seven days. No solid food is eaten during your week of fasting. This is why Loree Jordan famously called her cleansing program “The Bowel Boot Camp” and infused it with the memorable slogan “No whiners or sissies allowed!” The program concludes with a schedule created especially to ease the reintroduction of various foods into your diet and to determine whether you are allergic to specific foods that are commonly found in many of our diets.


A two week preparation and evaluation period is usually required prior to individuals embarking on the Oh Tara Cleanse. This preparation consists of the consumption of cleansing drinks for one to two weeks while at the same time I perform an evaluation as you receive colon hydrotherapy. Then, as noted above, preparation for your week of fasting consists of a three day fruit and vegetable bulking diet. Breakfast can consist of fresh raw fruits. For both lunch and dinner you can enjoy salads and steamed vegetables. If you feel hungry between meals, snacking on pumpkin seeds, carrots, and soaked dried fruits is fine.

For the next seven days after that, you will consume only cleansing drinks comprised of bentonite, psyllium, liquid chlorophyll and TerraGreens five times per day, and combine these drinks with specially selected herbs and supplements. You may make fresh vegetable juices and drink those if you get hungry. Remember absolutely no solid food is allowed. It is important to not stimulate your digestive system during your cleanse. However, when electrolytes are low (light headedness is a good indicator of this) vegetable and/or fruit juice is a must. A word to the worrywarts out there---you will be fine without food and may experience even more energy than you expect.

Dr. Bernard Jensen also recommends consuming flax seed tea. Simply boil 1/4th cup of fresh flax seeds with 2 quarts of water, simmer for 30 minutes, strain and drink. The fluid is syrup like in texture and can be preserved in the refrigerator for later consumption for a couple days.

Following the seven day fast, it is recommended that you reintroduce foods selectively, in order to allergy test for the following five to six days. Consider limiting yourself to veggie soup, salads, fruit and steamed veggies the first day. The second day you may consume all of that plus yogurt and tomatoes. The third day, you may wish to add such foods as barley, yams, winter squash, potatoes and citrus fruits. On the fourth day, you may add brown rice, legumes, peanuts and soy products. The fifth day, you can add grains like rye, oats, corn and wheat. On the sixth day, you may introduce nuts and nutritional yeast. This food reintroduction plan is found in the book "The Fasting Diet," by Dr. Steven Bailey.

An optional liver flush may be done to encourage the liver to dump bile into the body to be targeted for elimination. This gives the body a fresh start in producing new bile, which then helps it to more efficiently break down fats.


*First thing in the morning take two Friendly Flora (aka beneficial bacteria) capsules
    (see me about obtaining this and the other products mentioned below - Tara).
*20 minutes later, consume cleansing drink and chaser (five times during the day)
    Two tablespoons of hydrated bentonite
    One teaspoon of psyllium hulls with one teaspoon of Seasonal Cleanse
    Mix in six to eight ounces of purified water
    Follow this with one ounce of liquid chlorophyll in 8 ounces of
    purified water as a chaser
*90 minutes after the cleansing drink, take the following herbs and supplements
(five times during the day):
    One tablespoon of Organic TerraGreens in eight ounces of fresh raw apple juice
    A cup of Get Regular Tea
    Two Bowel Detox capsules
    Two Red Beet Root Formula capsules
    Optional---Oil, calcium magnesium and B vitamins supplements

See your example day and month chart to assist in scheduling the consumption of cleansing support. See also alternate schedule for cleansing and reintroduction of foods.


This cleanse requires that you get a colonic at least once a day and possibly twice a day if your situation warrants it. An Emergen-C containing 1000mg of vitamin c will be available after each colonic. I recommend receiving a massage and supplementing extra vitamin C as well whenever possible. It is recommended by Dr. Bernard Jensen to further supplement with dietary oil and niacin. Refer to the suggested readings for details.

At the end of the seven days, it is recommended that the appropriate probiotic supplement (Geneflora) be taken both orally and rectally to restore the good intestinal flora. The probiotic should be taken orally for at least 30 days following this cleanse. An L-Glutamine supplement (Intestimax) is also recommended for two weeks following the cleanse. A healthy diet should be maintained concentrating on alkalizing foods and chewing your food. The seven day cleanse will be repeated every seven weeks until desired results are attained (No more black goopy tar!).

Points to remember during this cleanse:

Drink lots of purified water to clear out toxins. Be consistent with your drinks and supplements. If you become hungry or experience a drop in energy, take more Organic TerraGreens. You may have fresh raw vegetable juices anytime. No canned juices! Invest in a good juicer or frequent local juice bars! You may, however, enjoy any available fruit or vegetable juice if necessary to ensure proper electrolyte balance.

Choose to use a dry skin brush daily to enhance elimination through skin and stimulate lymphatic system. Castor oil packs at night are great. (This may be a great time to journal as well). It is important not to over exert yourself even if you feel great. The best exercise during this cleanse is walking everyday and breathing in fresh air. Get plenty of rest and take good care of yourself. Remember that it takes approximately 3 days for your stomach to shrink. It is during the first three days that you may feel more hungry, tired or toxic. Be patient and easy on yourself. This is your time to heal. Manifest an enthusiastic attitude. You are doing something absolutely awesome for yourself and your body! Thank yourself!!!


Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management” by Dr. Bernard Jensen
Detox for Life” by Loree Taylor Jordan www.loreetaylorjordan.com
The Fasting Diet” by Steven Bailey, N.D.

Thank you for choosing Alder Brooke Healing Arts as your optimal health and education resource! Contact Tara Alder to schedule your appointments here.

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