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NSAID's Letter

Dear Friends,

Hello. I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to share some valuable information that I have only recently learned, and to hopefully persuade you to consider using alternatives to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, commonly referred to as "NSAID's." Aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen are just a few of the most common NSAID's that are widely used in todayís society to reduce inflammation and pain. Although there are therapeutic uses associated with NSAID's, I believe that the risk factor and the toxic effects pose a very serious risk and thus outweigh the benefits associated with these substances. Towards that end, I urge you to educate yourself and learn as much as possible about what you and your loved ones consume in the way of pain relievers. In so doing, you will be helping not only yourself and those closest to you, but the planet as a whole.

I believe this to be the case for several reasons. The use of NSAID's has been found to be a major irritant of the lining of the stomach and intestines. Such irritation can eventually cause ulcers and lead to leaky gut syndrome, which itself can be the root cause of numerous, more serious problems. Aspirin can cause bleeding in the gastro-intestinal tract, bleeding which is often associated with peptic ulcers, especially of the gastric type. Moreover, aspirin can also cause inflammation, irritation, ulceration and bleeding of the stomach. Physical exercise which occurs within twelve hours of aspirin use can increase intestinal permeability and allow harmful antigens to gain entry into the bloodstream.

But thatís not all. When taken in large doses over long periods of time and/or by sensitive individuals, aspirin may also cause vomiting and even damage the kidneys and liver, as it can destroy vital cell matter in those organs. Aspirin may accelerate the destruction of cartilage and inhibit its repair. Aspirin preparations often contain aluminum. Excessive use can cause tinnitus. Finally, aspirin is a frequent cause of hives and may exacerbate certain dermatological conditions such as psoriasis.

There are several other dangers associated with the use of NSAID's that are important to mention. By way of example, NSAID's directly inhibit the liverís Phase II detoxification enzymes. Ibuprofen in particular has been shown to interfere in the healthy workings of the musculoskeletal system by inhibiting the ability of isotonic exercise to stimulate muscle growth. It also has been known to interfere with the production of hormones and prostaglandins. In this vein, ibuprofen can interfere with the endogenous production of melatonin, as well as beneficial prostaglandins. Prostaglandins stimulate the growth of gastric mucosa, which plays a major role in the healthy functioning of our immune system.

If you feel that you must take NSAID's, there are herbs and foods that can be taken in conjunction with NSAID's which can reduce their toxic effects. Ginger root will help to protect the stomach and in so doing reduce the possibilities of stomach ulcers. Mastic has been used to counteract the damage caused to the gastric mucosa, while myrrh is believed to inhibit the ability of NSAID's to cause gastric ulcers. Vitamin B5 helps to counteract the harmful effects of ibuprofen associated with the killing of healthy liver cells. Capacin, most commonly found in chili peppers, is widely believed to protect the gastric mucosa of the stomach. For that reason, it may be helpful to eat chili peppers when using aspirin. Likewise, glutathione inhibits the ability of aspirin to damage the gastric mucosa and cause gastric ulcers. Quercetin and phosphatidylcholine are thought to perform the same function. Lastly, 100 mg of vitamin C taken with every dose of aspirin will minimize most of the harmful side effects associated with the latterís use and will also improve its absorption.

Although the use of NSAID's are widespread in our society, there are other options. According to Dr. Shults' heart video, red clover tops may be used instead of aspirin to reduce blood clots. Another natural alternative to NSAID use is curcumin. Curcumin is a natural phenolic acid found in turmeric and has been shown to be equally as effective as many NSAID's in reducing inflammation. It can also be used topically to reduce pain. I know this from my own personal experience, as I used turmeric on a small cut that occurred during the birth of each of my sons. This topical use quickly and effectively eliminated the burning pain. I also applied it on my kidsí gums when they were teething. A small amount of the orange-yellow powder worked great when placed directly on their gums or mixed with purified water for use on wounds. I have also used herbal blends to reduce pain and inflammation. Combinations of white willow, black cohosh-kava kava and chamomile are available in many forms to help calm and minimize pain, help with teething, reduce fevers and relieve headaches. And of course, many cultures have historically used marijuana as an agent of pain relief.

There are many local resources here in the Eugene area to assist you in finding the safest and most effective alternatives for you and your familyís health. Evergreen Nutrition has files of information it shares freely, and is also an excellent source of various herbs and supplements you may want to consider as an alternative to the continued use of NSAID's. In fact, much of the information I have relied on here in my discussion of NSAID's I initially came across in materials found at Evergreen Nutrition. I also consider Sundance Foods to be a valuable resource when it comes to providing education and enlightenment, and it is also another excellent location to purchase organic foods and herbal supplements. Another excellent source of related information is Renew Your Life by Brenda Watson, particularly the section dealing with the use of over-the-counter drugs. Renew Your Life is available at Evergreen Nutrition.

In closing, I thank you for considering Alder Brooke Healing Arts as a source of education and support. I look forward to our continued communication and growth as we learn together on our mutual journey toward optimal health.

Many blessings,
Tara Alder
CEO & Health Inspiration
Alder Brooke Healing Arts
"Love Life Now!"


*The information contained herein is compiled from my personal experience as well as various source materials such as books, relevant journal and abstract articles, and other academic research pieces. It is presented and summarized here solely for its educational value and is not intended to be used for the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of disease, and should not be used to replace the services of a physician.

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