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2017 Eugene Blooms <3 


More Eugene blooms <3 

Ian Alder

My precious nephew Ian and I saying our goodbyes after a lovely week in Colorado together.

Estelle Donner

Photos from the solar eclipse are compliments of the beautiful and amazing Estelle Donner! 

See more by Estelle, HERE

Beautiful moments throughout the eclipse... 

Stacey Anderson

The newest edition to Alder Brooke Healing Arts team! 

Stacey shadows Lori in the later day after she has already worked a full day at her current job.  She takes classes with me on the weekends and she raises 2 beautiful young boys.  She is a true life super woman.

Sweet Frankie

Frankie is looking for new housemate! Would you like to live in my house that's converted like a duplex? It's got two private bedrooms, one full bathroom, kitchen, dining, and living room and is located in the serene, beautiful Lake Drive neighborhood, in Eugene. Contact me today for more information, if interested and/or if you know someone interested! 
My Eugene home has been visited by wild turkeys, a baby owl and a mama raccoon looking for a place to birth her young all in this last week!
At Still and Moving Center we dance, chant, share meals, rituals and magic.  This is one of the most special places I have had the privilege to join.  Mahalo nui loa Malia, Renee and all my hula sisters!!!  Aloha au ia oe!!!
Thanks Uncle Bob and Aunt Carol for joining Jonathan and I and biking all the way downtown with us on a hot day!
Aloha friends,

I've had an amazing summer in Oregon, Hawaii, Colorado, Nevada, California and Utah!  Amazing in every way!  Up's, down's and total transformations!  It started in a rough way, I was on the verge of a break down or break through.  I wasn't sure what way the tide would turn but as the waves crashed I learned to surf.  I rode one all the way to the depths of my soul where I found a lost little girl scared and alone.  I scooped that girl up and took her to the sanctuary of my healing heart.  Those of you who visited me during this time know exactly what I am talking about. It's been a total eclipse of the heart. It has been tough going for quite some time and as a result I am stronger, wiser, lighter and brighter.

Thank you to all of you who continue to show up in my life!!!  Thank you for sharing meals, going on walks, bike rides, beach visits or just a cup of tea.  Thank you to all my elephant sisters who hold me while I cry, give me pep talks when I can handle them and just listen when I need to be heard.  Thank you to the healing artists and authors who share timeless wisdom educating me and helping me learn and grow.  Thank you to my colleagues who cover for me when I need time off! Thank you to all my clients who keep coming in and support my practice!!! Thank you to my family that continue to open your homes and hearts.  And special thanks to my hula sisters that keep this sassy little hula girl dancing!  You all bring me joy and light when I need it most.  All of your support has touched me in special ways and I look forward to being there for you too.     

I'll be in Honolulu to see clients this week starting Thursday.  So schedule now to come see me!! I'll be teaching basic nutrition at Quantum Institute International starting Thursday night.  The class is full and started last week with the talented team who covered for me while I stayed in Oregon for a bit more summer magic.

I'm in the process of moving out of my shared Saint Louis Heights home.  I'm currently looking for the perfect place to install my LIBBE and keep Alder Brooke Healing Arts alive to thrive on Oahu.  Do you know of a perfect place for my humble healing arts practice? I've got the most fabulous colon hydrotherapist, Kendra Seger, ready to rock it, we just need a peaceful nook to invite you to.  My vision is that we will have the service available 1 to 2 days a week consistently so all my regular healthy clients that are on the monthly maintenance plan can keep up.  Then I will offer seasonal health challenges where you and your friends and family can choose one of three "super charge your health" menu options.  It's gonna be awesome.  I'm thinking I'll name each option after the inspiration I got from Kona Gold and the late infamous Jonathan Kemp.  
1. Tidal Pool - This option is for the babies that just want to get their feet wet.  Or butt wet in this case.
2. Surfs up! - This option is my fav!  This one not only blows water up your butt but sunshine too!  
3. Tsunami - This option comes with all the water, sunshine and magic of both the Tidal Pool and Surfs Up with the addition of elemental balance using DoTERRA essential oil, micro greens and Energize Organics Herbal Synergy.  Sound intriguing?  Good!
CLICK HERE and read the full descriptions on my newly enhanced web site. (Actually I just discovered that the new menu page won't be up by the time this newsletter flies across the ethers, so stay tuned and keep checking the site.  Or better yet come see me and I'll give you the full descriptions)

I hope to find a place on Oahu during this next weeks visit.  If I do not find the perfect place with ease and grace then I will package the LIBBE up and send it to my Aussie girlfriend that graduated from my program last year.  Either way it will be good.  My sincere hope is to keep the practice alive and available for all of you lovely Hawaiian peeps, so that is where my pule is strong.  Mahalo for your support!!

My Eugene practice is still alive and well.  I've been blessed with the very best possible angel of light.  Lori Hamilton has continued to surprise me with her amazing grace, love, laughter and willingness to learn and grow.  We had our growing pains over the last 2 and a half years as I took off to join my sweetie on Oahu, but we have successfully made it!  And now we are blessed to bring on another kick ass mama who will be taking on new clients soon.  

Stacey Anderson is the latest and greatest addition to our precious team.  You will find her pruning the laurels, watering the gardenias and making sure Frankie is well loved, fed, fat and happy.  Stacey began her study at Alder Brooke a few months ago and has quickly gained our respect as she takes the job seriously, shows up consistently and leaves us feeling safe, supported and excited to expand.  I just did a 10 hour anatomy and physiology course for her on Saturday and Stacey took it on like a champ!  By the end of the day although she was exhausted she was able to mind map her way from the mouth through the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines.  She even knows what cholecystokinin is, does and how to pronounce it.  Not many of you can say that!!!  Next week she takes on the hepatic portal system.  Multi organ detox and regeneration will soon be her specialty.
Please join us here in Eugene at Alder Brooke Healing Arts and experience serenity in my garden sanctuary AND join me on The Friendly Isle of Oahu at my Honolulu Saint Heights hill top view before I move, and let's ride some healing waves! Until then, may all the Blessings Be! Aloha!

New moons, new beginnings!

Thank you to all of you who are honest, integrous, transparent, loyal, and kind.
I respect your values.
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Biking with Jonathan Alder!

This is my cousin who is named after my father.
He's been studying Buddhist philosophy. The wisdom that he's gained using the eight fold path has helped me so much during this major life transisiton. I am so grateful to have been with him for our first annual epic mountain bike road trip!!

Tahoe Rim Trail

Jonathan and I rode this gorgeous challenging 14 mile trail that ended on the famous flume in Tahoe! 
Horsetooth falls trail ending with rain showers 
Jonathan tuning in 

Finding peace 

Lori Hamilton

Lori is rocking the biz in Eugene, Oregon at the Alder Brooke Garden Sanctuary.

Call or text her to schedule an appointment in Eugene! 

We often hear about or talk about how we want to live in community.  I have friends who move to land in Costa Rica or somewhere remote on the Hawaiian islands.  Thats all great but not quite realistic for those of us with roots on the main land. Here in Eugene we know it takes a village to raise kids, heal broken hearts and create magic.  So we share meals, saunas, garden harvest and rides.  We have keys to each others homes and we take care of each others pet and watering.  Community is happening in River Road.
My precious neighbor girls I'm so blessed to have in my life! 
I love you!!!
The sign says it all, let it all go!

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