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My Amazing Menu Options and Generous Prices

First time colon hydrotherapy session with health history review, current health Assessment, health goal planning and educational experience.



Follow up or subsequent Colon Hydrotherapy

$123 ($108 if you pay cash at time of service)


Tidal Pool

-Reboot your body-

3 sessions in 3 weeks with my “Daily Cleanse”

$333 (very good value)


Surfs Up!

-Cleanse, strip and restore the small and large intestines-

5 Sessions in 3 weeks with “Daily Cleanse” and “Seasonal Cleanse”

$555 (great value)



-Multi organ detox and rejuvenation-

7 Sessions in 3 week with “Daily Cleanse”, “Seasonal Cleanse”, “DigestZen essential oil” & “Herbal Synergy”

$777 (best value)


Elemental Balance Body Work Oil Spill

-A powerful treatment of the spine to promote self healing-

$111 ($125 value)


Love Yourself and Love This Life!

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Choosing the type of care to fit your needs at this point in your life is one of the most important decisions you can make. We commend you for taking responsibility for your health, and we are excited to serve you however you see fit! Our main goal is to help educate you toward developing, strengthening and maintaining optimal health through safe and natural methods. Within this process we realize that there are many different approaches you may take regarding the types of health care available in our office. Some of the many types of health care options you may consider are as follows:

Colon Hydrotherapy – A process of cleansing and rejuvenation of every cell in the body using water. By removing fecal material from the colon walls, bacteria and toxin levels are diluted and reduced. When toxin levels drop in the colon, the vascular and lymphatic systems may release additional waste into the colon for further dilution and release. The cleansing process also helps exercise and tone the colon; which may stimulate reflex points and reshape the colon when necessary, bringing the body back into balance.

Elemental Balance Therapy – Performed by a licensed massage therapist, this is a very powerful treatment of the spine opening up the neuro-pathways. We apply pure essential oil along the spine like drops of rain using Earth, Water, Fire, and Air strokes on your back with heat to rub them in. This form of therapy is very relaxing as well as rejuvenating. Elemental Balance therapy allows the body to absorb high frequency oils aiding the body by creating an environment less hospitable to bacteria, viruses or other unwelcome micro organisms. This is a way for our bodies to align, balance and heal themselves while relaxing in a comfortable nurturing environment while being treated with honor and care.

Synchronized Massage – This is a unique experience of receiving from two licensed massage therapists at the same time. We begin with a salt and clay body scrub, cleansing your skin while stimulating your lymphatic system, as steam opens up your pores to be cleansed and nourished. This is followed with a fresh young coconut and seasonal fruit.

Multi Organ System Detoxification Programs – This is an organic herbal cleansing, strengthening, and rejuvenation of all vital organs program that is done over a 10 to 40 day period. This includes a parasite cleansing and follow up. This is highly recommended for all who are serious about healing and living life to their fullest potential. This does not require fasting.

Fresh Vegetable Juice Fasts – This is an amazing cellular regeneration cleanse that is designed to rest your digestive system. Nourishing your blood with vital nutrients necessary for perfect health, you may experience greater vitality and joy previously only imagined.

Cleansing Fast – This program is designed to eliminate intestinal plaque accumulation allowing for enhanced digestion and absorption of nutrients. This is followed by a gradual re-introduction of foods balancing your body, while offering an opportunity to test for potential allergens. For more information about specific cleansing fast programs see the Cleansing Programs page.

Nutritional Consultation – When we learn how to eat to live we are able to heal our bodies from the inside out sustaining greater health. When we rebalance our internal eco system and re-alkalize our bodies, we heal our selves; disease cannot penetrate and health flourishes. I specialize in conscious consumption for healing digestive challenges. Learn how to use food combining to maximize digestion and nourish rich blood, as well as use herbs to heal and rejuvenate. I promote seasonal eating of local foods with lots of emphasis on chewing.

We are the architects of our future!


Colon Hydrotherapy:
Initial 90 minute visit includes a consultation and first colonic: $138.*
Subsequent sessions (up to 1hr 15min) cost: $123 ($108 if you pay cash at time of service).*

Click here for payment policy information.

Elemental Balance Therapy:
$125.00 / hour session

Synchronized Massage:
$250 / hour session

Multi Organ System Detoxification Programs:
$249 - $419 / 10 to 40 days (costs varies with length of program)

Cleansing Fast:
$200 / 5 to 10 day program

Nutritional Consultation:
$120 / hour phone consults & $80 / hour in person.

Student Apprenticeship:
$80 to $120 / hour. Depends on your vibe

Price reductions are available for repeat clients and when appropriate and feasible. Please ask for details.

Click here for payment policy information.

Your health is your wealth! Begin Within!

Thank you for considering Alder Brooke Healing Arts


Every therapy, service, and product described or presented on this web site is NOT a cure for any disease, ailment, or health condition. NO MEDICAL CLAIMS are expressed or implied, either directly or indirectly, regarding the therapies, products, or services presented herein. We do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe.

The information presented in this website should NOT be construed as medical advice. Colon Hydrotherapists DO NOT diagnose, prescribe, insert, cure or prevent any disease. You should always discuss your medical history with your own personal practitioner licensed by law.


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