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Love Water: Intentionally Un-tap Your Healing Power Within

By Tara Alder

In the quest for a healthy body, mind and spirit consider your consumption choices to acquire balance. Support optimal health with plentiful water, organic food, regular elimination, exercise and consistent rest. By using these core principles, you create a framework for a cleansing journey that produces sustainable health. Now I offer you the opportunity to focus your intentions and use the power within to enhance well being.

I had the privilege of attending a workshop and lecture by the internationally renowned Japanese researcher, Masaru Emoto, during the 2009 Mystic Garden Party in Ashland, Oregon. Masaru Emoto demonstrates through high speed photography and video the structure of water at the moment of freezing, creating the formation of water crystals. The interesting revelation is that thought and intent have a profound effect on the development and outcome of these snowflake-like frozen water molecules. His documentation shows how profoundly powerful and influential our intentions are. His photos show the direct consequences of destructive thoughts compared to those that express healing through love and gratitude.

"Love and Thanks", is one of Emotos most famous crystal photos due to its defined structure of perfect clarity. Others show discoloration and disconnected contorted patterns that remind me of malignant cell growth consistent to those found in cancer.

His incredible work shows us the powerful affect that thought and prayer have on water. He says that we ourselves are made up of water and we can apply our intentions to affect every molecule in our body. Emoto asks us: "How seriously do you think about the characteristics of water? Are you aware that the water you drink has the ability to improve your health and your life? Do you know that your consciousness has the ability to change water? When you send your gratitude to water, its quality improves. When you call water by names or ignore it, it deteriorates".

Emoto writes and speaks on the topic of water all over the world. Water given good energy is called hado. He encourages us to learn more about it as he explains that the more we pay attention to water the more we will learn about ourselves. The Greek philosopher Thales states, "Water is the first principle of all things". When you begin to look at water clearly, you will see the connection to yourself and eventually realize your connection to all life. It is the same stream that flows through our veins that are the rivers of the world. Gratefully Masaru Emoto shares The Hidden Messages In Water as a gift. What a blessing to learn of his teachings 10 years ago, when I began my own intimate journey with water. Also, having met him, attended his workshops and then taken part in a water blessing ceremony are dreams come true.

Louise L. Hay shares how affirmations create health in our body, mind, soul and life. She outlines in her book, You Can Heal Your Life, the connection of thought patterns to specific diseases or health. She discusses the probable thought patterns that have been causing a certain ailment, and provides replacement thoughts or affirmations. She suggests we meditate on the replacement thought or affirmation, and write it down or repeat it in our mind over and over until it is well engrained in our thought patterns. An important piece of her teachings is forgiveness. She quotes The Course in Miracles "all dis-ease comes from a state of unforgiveness", and that "whenever we are ill, we need to look around to see who it is that we need to forgive".

I have found for myself and clients, over the last 10 years, that she is often accurate and that the recommended affirmation fits. With focused thought the outcome is enhanced and the intent is solidified into being.

I enjoy using the effects of visualization with my affirmations. This was a key element during the birthing process of my sons. Both were born at home with the help of a midwife. Choosing a quick and natural labor, I visualized a drop of water meeting a large pool of calm water, sending rings opening with ripples of expansion. I repeated this image as I affirmed myself opening with ease and grace. My children were born as I imagined. I had 5 hours of labor with my first son and only 2 hours with my second son. Reflecting on these experiences I am forever amazed with the power of my mind and how my body responds.

We can apply all of these teachers' lessons as we live every day. We can set intentions that can affect our health and happiness. Consider that we are made up of 70% water and how our thoughts and intentions can affect the very structure of that which makes us.

In my practice of internal cleansing I accept that water has structure, is alive and takes an active part in healing. I know we are made of water and I am fascinated by all the research available showing water molecules change based on what energy they are exposed to. The intention with which we treat water will have an effect on how water treats us.

As I offer water internally to my clients, they receive the gentle flow directly into the one organ that can absorb it for distribution to every cell in the body. I invite them to imagine the water as a light healing everything it touches. Water is perfect as it softens us, allowing release of that which is no longer serving our needs. Water is not just a passive tool, for washing or drinking, water responds and is an active element in our perpetual renewal process. As we apply these thoughts to hydrotherapy we use water as a medium to manifest our intentions. Cleanliness is a physical process that has the potential to create a peaceful inner state of being.

Water is powerful. We cannot grasp it; we can only absorb it and let it flow through us, nourishing our energy body. Water is patient as over time it will erode mountains. Let water soothe your soul as it smoothes all stone.

As the seasons cycle, consider what it is you choose to attain and set your intentions. As you visualize you are taking action toward your goals and creating the life you deserve.

Tara Alder
Internal Cleansing Specialist



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