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Tara’s Booty Balancing Bowel Re-Training Program

The purpose of retraining our bowel is to regain the perfect cycle and muscle tone that our bodies were innately born with. Here are many tips that may assist you in this retraining process. Keep in mind that our bodies may only handle a few changes at once. Although, eventually incorporating all of these tips will be optimal, for now only try a few and add more as you progress (Don't bite off more than you can chew!).

This program works based on the belief that peristalses (the wave-like contractions that allow food to pass through the digestive tract) begins in the esophagus each time you swallow. In this program we are attempting to "ride the wave", so to speak. By following this program you are encouraging the peristalses that had already began, to follow all the way through the digestive tract to the final stages; elimination.

Good luck and enjoy!

When you need encouragement or a good laugh, sing or imagine this song to the tune of "Row, Row, Row your boat":
Chew, Chew, Chew your food.
Chew it thoroughly.
42 times before it is chyme and digest properly.

*Repeat as many times as you wish*. Include your friends and sing it in round-form.

  • Think good thoughts while preparing and eating meals.
  • Always chew your food more than you think is necessary.
  • Follow the Body Ecology Diet’s 7 basic balance principals.
  • Within half an hour after every meal:
    *Sit on the potty in a squatting position, rather than the normal position (this prevents blocking of the colon in 2 parts and instead supports those 2 parts), *take 3 deep breaths all the way down into your abdomen while *affirming yourself. Refer to Louis L. Hays affirmations for digestive health and chose your favorite, alter them, or make up your own. Reach down to your right calf and firmly squeeze along the inside fibula with your right thumb gently applying pressure on the muscles to the outside of your calf with your fingers. *Work your way up on the right ankle to your knee then down on the left side starting at your knee working toward your ankle. Doing this once with pressure, concentrating on the areas of tenderness and intuited need, then with long smoother strokes to complete should be sufficient. Continue to breathe deep while *stroking your abdomen in the direction that your colon passes material. Finish up with *arm stretching , doing 3 reaching for the stars movements, with each hand (6 total). That’s it! If you haven’t had a bowel movement within that time (hopefully around 60 seconds total) then simply thank yourself for the time, clean up and proceed with loving your life. Repeat within 30 minutes following every meal. Likely you will begin to have more frequent movements passing with greater ease, relieving you of the waste you no longer need.
  • Another thing to try at home is rolling your foot around on a golf ball. This is a great cheap replacement for a professional reflexologist. It may even be better, only you know where pressure feels best, plus you can do it anytime anywhere. Try it, it may be the difference between a bowel movement or not.
  • Use a mini trampoline to tone your muscles and stimulate your colon. A jog or other motion may replace this exercise.
  • Clean and hydrate your colon directly. Buy a 2 piece bulb syringe and an enema bag with kit and use them.
  • Drink fresh clean purified water with lemon.
  • Use castor oil packs and fiber supplements occasionally.
  • When considering reshaping your colon try using a slant board.
  • Also try a small block under the foot of your bed to slightly elevate your feet allowing gravity to work for you. Similar to the slant board effects, but more subtle. This is especially helpful when affected with hemorrhoids.
  • Most importantly, of course, visit your favorite colon therapist at least 4 times a year as a preventative modality and to maintain a clean and optimal health state.

Everybody poops!


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