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Common Household Toxins

Day after day, week after week, year after year, people may be unaware they are being exposed to numerous poisonous chemicals found in common, everyday household and personal care products. By themselves there is reason for concern, but when you combine them in your body, there is reason to worry.

Toxic chemicals are commonly found in:

    Most air fresheners interfere with your ability to smell by coating your nasal passages with an oil film, or by releasing a nerve-deadening agent. Known toxic chemicals found in an air freshener:
    1. Formaldehyde: Highly toxic, known carcinogen.
    2. Phenol: When phenol touches your skin it can cause it to swell, burn, peel, and break out in hives. Can cause cold sweats, convulsions, circulatory collapse, coma and even death!
    It is a very volatile chemical; it is very damaging to your eyes, respiratory tract and skin.
    It is a strong corrosive. It will irritate or bum the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. It may cause pulmonary edema or vomiting and coma if ingested. Warning: never mix bleach with ammonia it may cause fumes which can be deadly.
    Most formulas are designed to over power the stain itself; they accomplish the task but not without using highly toxic substances. Some include:
    1. Perchlorethylene: Known carcinogen; Can cause liver, kidney and nervous system damage.
    2. Ammonium Hydroxide: Corrosive, extremely irritable to eyes, skin and respiratory passages.
    1. Chlorine: Contained in a dry form that is highly concentrated. Number 1 cause of child poisonings according to poison control centers.
    Most drain cleaners contain lye, hydrochloric acid or trichloroethane.
    1. Lye: Caustic burns to skin and eyes, if ingested will damage esophagus and stomach.
    2. Hydrochloric Acid: Corrosive, eye and skin irritant, damages kidneys, liver and digestive tract.
    3. Trichloroethane: Eye and skin irritant, nervous system depressant; damages liver and kidneys .
    1. Petroleum Distillates: Highly flammable, can cause skin and lung cancer.
    2. Phenol: (See Air fresheners, Phenol.)
    3. Nitrobenzene: Easily absorbed through the skin, extremely toxic.
    1. Sodium Hypochlorite: Corrosive irritates or bums skin and eyes, causes fluid in the lungs, which can lead to coma or death!
    2. Formaldehyde: Highly toxic, known carcinogen. Irritant to eyes, nose, throat, and skin. May cause nausea, headaches, nosebleeds, dizziness, memory loss and shortness of breath.
    1. Sodium Hydroxide (Lye): Caustic! Strong irritant, which can cause burns to both skin and eyes. Inhibits reflexes, will cause severe tissue damage if swallowed.
    1. Triclosan: Absorption through the skin can be tied to liver damage.
    1. Sodium or Calcium Hypocrite: Highly corrosive; irritates or burns skin, eyes or respiratory tract.
    2. Linear Alkylate Sulfonate: Absorbed through the skin. Known liver damaging agent.
    3. Sodium Tripolyphosphate: Irritates skin and mucous membranes, causes vomiting. Easily absorbed through the skin from clothes.
    1. Hydrochloric Acid: Highly corrosive, irritant to both skin and eyes. Damages kidneys and liver .
    2. Hypo Chlorite Bleach: Corrosive, irritates or burns eyes, skin and respiratory tract. May cause pulmonary edema, vomiting or coma if ingested. Contact with other chemicals may cause chlorine fumes, which may be fatal.
    Most pesticides have ingredients that affect the nervous system of insects. Imagine what these extremely poisonous chemicals do to your body, or your baby's body.
    1. Dimpylate: Better known as Diazinon, extremely toxic. Impairs the central nervous system.
    2. Chlorinate Hydrocarbons: Suspected carcinogen and mutantagen. Accumulates m food and m fatty tissue. Will attack the nervous system.
    3. Organophosphates: Toxic and poisonous. If you can smell it, your lungs are absorbing it.
  • LICE SHAMPOO * Especially vulnerable are children.
    1. Lindane: inhalation, ingestion, or absorption through the skin causes vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions and circulatory collapse. May cause liver damage, stillbirths, birth defects and cancer.
    Petroleum Distillates: Associated with skin and lung cancer, irritant to skin, eyes, nose and lungs. Entry into the lungs may cause fatal pulmonary edema, most marked Danger -Harmful or Fatal.

30 Ways You Can Poison Yourself Before Breakfast

If a product has a warning on the label, it is poison! What is the cumulative effect on our health after using many, many products that contain small amounts of dangerous poisonous chemicals?

We spend every night breathing vapors from chemical poisons in the mattress or pillow and sleeping between sheets washed in poison. A typical U.S. family might start the day grooming with a shower/bath, shampoo, condition, brush teeth, shave, as well as using colognes, perfumes, hairsprays and etc., in an enclosed area using many products containing poisonous ingredients. Then we all dress with clothes washed in poison.

According to the U.S. Government and the product manufacturers, the list above is only a partial list of chemical poisons found in products that are inhaled, absorbed, or ingested by the body before you even eat breakfast! This list does not include the additional use of common household cleaners.

Do you think these poisons might also cause our children to have health problems?

What keeps you from just relaxing?  What makes you feel so tired?  Why do you get sick so much?  What is causing your allergies? What is keeping you awake or from sleeping soundly?

The Answer? Drugs and toxins in your body.

We are living in a drug and chemical age. The use of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, "recreational" drugs like marijuana and cocaine, psychiatric drugs, and street drugs has reached epidemic proportions and is crippling the lives of millions of people.  The use of these drugs deadens awareness, reduces the learning rate, clouds the thinking and generally makes a person less able to cope with life around them.

Additionally, there are over 3,000 chemicals added to the foods we eat found in any supermarket. There are Pesticides that pollute our environment every year, and over 700 different chemical compounds in our common drinking water, not to mention the thousands of chemicals used in cleaning and personal care products and construction materials.

Research reveals that drugs and toxic chemicals entering the body by inhalation, skin absorption, and ingestion, stay in the body long after they enter it. Stored in the body; they continue to affect you adversely, making you feel dead, dull, and lifeless. They even cause weight gain.

There are ways to stop this chemical invasion of the body and pollution of the environment. Some chemicals have an immediate impact on the people, but all can be deadly and dangerous in the long term. Invest in a safer, healthier future; replace the common toxic household cleaners and personal care products with humanly safe, natural botanical cleansers.

These are some of the reported results:

  • Able to feel better.
  • Feel rested in the morning.
  • More in control of life.
  • Increase enjoyment.
  • Able to do more.

By replacing the toxic (poisonous) chemicals in your home, yard, and workplace with safer bio-friendly alternatives, you improve your quality of life, safeguard the health of your family, and protect the environment from toxic pollution.

Reference: The Politics of Poison by Nina G. Silver, Ph.D


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