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Fasting is a great way to assist the body in its natural healing processes.

Fasting allows the body to concentrate its resources on thorough healing while resting the digestive tract. There are many different ways to fast. There are water fasts when only water is consumed. There are juice fasts when fresh raw fruit and vegetable juices are consumed, and there are cleansing fasts where herbs, fibers and clay consumed draw out old matter and assist the body in a deep detoxification process. These options may seem severe, and fasting is not appropriate for everyone. Fortunately, the body can regenerate, heal, and strengthen quickly when given the proper rest, nourishment and love. For the committed few, fasting is a valuable way to heal naturally.

Deciding which type of fasting is best depends on your current state of health, your health history and your health goals. Other considerations may be your lifestyle and schedule demands. When I am fasting I always ensure my electrolyte balance is maintained by using some form of micro/bio-available nutrients in juice or purified water. I usually begin with a cleansing fast to remove the layer of plaque-like mucus from the walls of both my small and large intestine. This assists in absorption of nutrients and gives my body a chance to produce a refreshed protective barrier.

I personally have not done water fasts, however, I have read about the "Natural Hygiene" method of water fasting which can be done over long periods of time with profound results. For more information on that type of cleanse I recommend reading books on that topic or visiting the web site here.

When considering how long to fast there are many options. Of course you may think about what you want to achieve and what you are willing to do to meet your goal. It seems to take 7 days to cleanse the blood stream, 7 weeks to cleanse the lymph glands and system and it takes 7 months to cleanse the complete glandular system. Some say it takes 7 years to change all the molecules of your body. Some people simplify by saying that it takes approximately one month of cleansing while nourishing and living in balance with minimum toxic intake and exposure for every year of your life that you had been exposed to toxic consumption and lifestyle habits. Complete regeneration requires consistent care to thoroughly cleanse, strengthen and heal completely. By regaining your delicate balance internally you may look at nature's cycles. The moon completes its cycle from new moon to new moon in 28 days. A woman's menstrual cycle is 28 days also. A baby's gestation period is 280 days. A chicken's eggs hatch in 21 days and most ducks hatch in 35 days.

Some people have looked at these natural cycles and consider the number 7 to be the best place to start. I have outlined my 7 day “Oh Tara” cleanses based on some of these considerations as well as Dr. Bernard Jensen's views of the body's natural healing cycles. Although great results are obtained with even just a day or two of cleansing fasts, I certainly can see how the effects are enhanced when the full 7 day cycle of cleansing is completed. You may research further and talk to your doctor about what is right for you.

When food choices are consciously organic and fresh most of the time, regular elimination is consistent and there is proper rest, water, and exercise between cleansing fasts, great results have been reported. Many people enjoy sustainable results when they fast for 7 days every 7 weeks for about 7 months as is outlined in Dr Bernard Jensen’s book, "A Tissue Cleanse through Bowel Management." I have personally experienced regained health and vitality every time I fast whether it is for one day each week, a couple days in a row every month, or a 7 day fast. I tend to do more of the shorter fasts although I feel much more rejuvenated when I go for the full 7 days. When I can't schedule time to fast for the full 7 days, I compromise with the shorter versions of the cleansing fasts and do them more frequently. I do my best to avoid glutinous eating habits by eliminating sugar, coffee, syrup, glucose, fructose concentrates, fried or over cooked foods and processed foods. I consume a minimum of 65% fresh raw fruits and vegetables and their juices as well as nuts, seeds, roots and herbs. I obtain great results when I maintain that balance and adhere to food combining principles as well as thorough chewing habits.

With all this in mind I hope you consider how fasting may be an adjunct to your healthy practices. I have outlined below an example of what a day in the life of a 7 day cleansing fast may look like. You may see how even though you are not consuming solid foods, you are receiving constant hydration and cleansing support allowing you to feel a sense of fullness and eliminate regularly.

Consider reading "The Fasting Diet" by Dr. Stephen Bailey or "The Mucusless Diet Healing System” by Arnold Ehret or check here for further information on fasting and healing. Happy cleansing!

Tara Alder
CEO & Health Inspiration
Alder Brooke Healing Arts
"Love Life Now!"



7 Day Fast

Consider time for your colonic and schedule in advance.

Example day of the 7 day fasting part of the cleanse

Note you can begin and end your day whenever works best for you.
This is simply an example.

- 2 Flora
- cleansing drink with chaser
- TerraGreens, herbs and supplements
- cleansing drink with chaser
- TerraGreens, herbs and supplements
- cleansing drink with chaser
- TerraGreens, herbs and supplements
4:30pm - cleansing drink with chaser
6:00pm - TerraGreens, herbs and supplements
7:00pm - 2 Flora
7:30pm - cleansing drink with chaser
9:00pm - TerraGreens, herbs and supplements
9:30pm - castor oil pack and journal and bed

Consider all local community resources as possible support for you. A list of local resources for the Eugene are may be found here. Remember to schedule massage and other support in advance.

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