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Consider This!

Before Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions -
Observe the Following for Best Results:
Consider a meal after your session rather than just before.
Drink plenty of purified water avoiding caffeine or carbonated beverages.

After Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions -
Observe the Following for Optimum Benefits:
Continue drinking plenty of liquids including purified water, fresh juices, herbal teas and other electrolyte concentrated liquids.
Do not overeat! The stomach is equipped to digest a meal the size of two cupped hands together. Per meal, the amount of concentrated proteins (meats, nuts, etc.) that should be consumed are less than the size of your palm.
Consider eating pureed foods for up to 24 hours after the session (soups are recommended as they are easy to digest).
In the 3-day period post session, be certain that all food is thoroughly chewed. It is always a great idea to chew well especially following a colon hydrotherapy session or any internal cleansing program. We recommend chewing each mouthful of food till it is liquefied and absorbable.
Avoid meat, dairy and processed foods altogether when cleansing as they may negate the cleansing goals and may contribute to your need to detoxify.

Core Principles to Enhance Health
HYDRATION - Optimal purified water intake is a minimum of ½ your body weight in ounces (if you weighed 140 lbs and divide that by two you get the number 70; therefore you should consume 70 ounces of water in a day). Fluids should be consumed approximately 15 minutes before meals on an empty stomach and a minimum of two hours after properly combined meals other than fruit.
BALANCED DIET - An optimal diet consisting primarily of the following plant foods: fruits, vegetables, grains, soaked nuts and seeds, is ideal. Eliminating refined sugars and flour from the diet as well as other processed foods is important for improving health as is decreasing the intake of saturated fats from animal foods such as meat and dairy.
COMBINE WHEN YOU DINE! - Minimizing the complexity of meals through proper food combining can increase digestive efficiency ensuring an internal environment more conducive to proper digestion; it may reduce gas, acid indigestion and other consequences of ill combinations. (See food combining chart)
FOOD ROTATION - Eating a variety of local, seasonal, organic foods helps supply balanced nutrients including trace minerals and vitamins. Also, applying this principle may decrease any food sensitivities.
EXERCISE - Get Moving! Exercise increases optimum health by reducing stress, providing circulation and toning to your muscles. Plus, you may fit in your favorite clothes and feel better about yourself when you are in better shape.

Brenda Watson, N D and leading expert in cleansing uses the acronym of “HOPE"!

H - High fiber to bulk us up and sweep us clean.
O - Oils that are essential in our foods.
P - Probiotics for internal ecosystem balance and immune health.
E - Enzymes essential for function of all cells found in live food or supplements.

High fiber supplementation: Consider using flax as a fiber source since it is both soluble and insoluble. Only use psyllium when cleansing as it can be harsh, abrasive and absorb lots of water potentially disturbing the hydration balance in your gut. You must drink extra water with any fiber and throughout the day. Formula recipe guidelines may include mixing a teaspoon of your choice of fiber and gradually increasing to a tablespoon with 8 oz of water. Take formula a ½ hour before or 2 hours after meals in the morning and evening.

Oils: Essential fatty acid (EFA) is found in oil rich food from nuts, seeds & greens to fish. For oil supplementation consider flax, hemp, borage, evening primrose, wheat germ or cod liver oils. These oils should be kept in dark containers and refrigerated.

Probiotics: These friendly floras aid in providing an eco system rich with beneficial bacteria that you may find necessary to replenish after antibiotic use, high stress or cleansing. Bacterial balance is part of your immune system & some vitamin manufacturing.

Enzymes: Digestive enzymes derived from live foods aid in digesting cooked food. Some enzyme supplements include hydrochloric acid (HCL) which is needed for digestion.
Consider a whole food based vitamin and mineral powder (often green), with ground hemp seeds for extra protein and easily absorbed blood nourishment.

Keep hope alive as you clean, strengthen,
and rejuvenate your digestive tract!

Important Notes on Food Consumption: Only consume food in the parasympathetic state when the body is relaxed and you are solely focused on food consumption (no multi-tasking.). Chewing food thoroughly is important for proper digestion. If you think you have chewed your food enough, consider chewing even more. Since many people are not accustomed to chewing food adequately, consuming foods in the liquid state can enhance the digestive process and support a busy lifestyle. Options for liquid food include fresh squeezed juices and blended meals like green veggies with fruits as smoothies and blended energy soups consisting of pureed nuts with vegetables.
Do not eat fruit with any other food except for water greens when pureed.
Most fruits can be combined but as a rule, melons should be eaten alone.
Protein and carbohydrate food should never be combined.
A leafy green salad should be eaten with a protein, carbohydrate or fat. Fats inhibit the digestion of protein. If you must have fat with a protein, eat a mixed vegetable salad which may offset the inhibiting affect upon digestion.
You should never drink liquids with or immediately following a meal.
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When we take the time to give to ourselves, we have much more to offer our family and friends. By allowing ourselves to receive, we give others permission to do the same. Together we flow through our lives with dynamic ease.

May you have love to share, health to spare, and friends that care…

With many blessings,

Alder Brooke Healing Arts

Tara Alder
CEO & Health Inspiration
Alder Brooke Healing Arts
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