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Using Colon Hydrotherapy as
Preparation for Colonoscopy

The information on this page is provided as a resource
for clients who are planning a colonoscopy.

The following protocol for using Colon Hydrotherapy as an alternative to the regularly prescribed preparation for colonoscopy may be considered after consulting your physician.

  • Receive a minimum of two colon hydrotherapy sessions on consecutive days just prior to colonoscopy.
  • Consume only a clear liquid diet beginning the day before the colonoscopy and continue until after the colonoscopy procedure is complete.
  • For people that are frequently or acutely constipated (have less than one bowel movement a day) a third colon hydrotherapy session prior to the colonoscopy is required for a thorough preparation.
  • Some gastroenterologists recommend taking a gentle laxative one day prior to the colonoscopy. Consider asking your doctor about MiraLax or Dulcolax.
  • Another consideration would be over-the-counter bowel cleansers such as Tradition Medicinals Smooth Move tea or RenewLife Cleanse More.

Dr. William C. Wu of Eugene Gastroenterology Consultants, PC (www.eugenegi.com) has utilized colonic hydrotherapy in a very select group of individuals as preparation for colonoscopy successfully until he retired. Now, Dr. Terrence Lee and Dr. Jonathan Gonenne have, when requested, been accepting colon hydrotherapy as an alternative to the regularly prescribed preparation for colonoscopy as outlined on their web site. If interested, you may contact these doctors at Eugene Gastroenterology Consultants (541) 868-9500 to schedule an office visit to discuss your options. More info about the regularly prescribed colonoscopy preparation procedure appears on their website here.

Video About the Colonoscopy Procedure

For more information see the video and links below.


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A detailed account in four parts of one man's experience
using colon hydrotherapy to prepare for a colonoscopy:

Part I     Part II     Part III     Part IV



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The information presented in this website should NOT be construed as medical advice. Colon Hydrotherapists DO NOT diagnose, prescribe, insert, cure or prevent any disease. You should always discuss your medical history with your own personal practitioner licensed by law.


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