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Miracles of Castor Oil

Article by Charles Thomas Cayce, Ph.D.

If you have not learned about the miracles of castor oil, when applied externally using a wool flannel pack, then now's the time to be healed! If there is a single remedy in my grandfather's "medicine chest" that has helped thousands of people, in more ways, castor oil packs would be it.

The Oil that Heals, by William A. McGarey M.D., is a fascinating analysis and verification of the healing properties of castor oil packs, first recommended by my grandfather. Over the years, these packs have helped people alleviate and sometimes eradicate resistant, stubborn ailments such as ulcers, ovarian cysts, constipation, diverticulosis, arthritis, back pain and more.

Here's my grandfather's first instruction for external use of a castor oil pack, given to a woman with severe digestive distress, and apparent constipation – in 1924!

"We would, for the condition in right side here, and about the lower end of liver and the upper end of ascending colon, apply strips of flannel cloth wrung out of very hot castor oil. Apply these directly to the body as hot as body can stand, and keep these applied until we have a reduction of the pain and of the condition in this side...".

This was the first of hundreds of such readings, many of which are referenced and explained in Dr. McGarey's incredible book...a book no home should be without (along with their castor oil pack).

*   *   *  

Here's a simple method for using castor oil packs. To soothe abdominal tightness, cramping or pain and loosen impactions while lubricating with heat, apply cold pressed castor oil directly on skin or with wool flannel. Cover with a cloth and apply a heating pad.


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