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Health Research: Biome Medic


Biome Medic

Biome Medic is a product of Purium. Having the first and only proven product to remove glyphosate is a great marketing opportunity. The timing is perfect for the Biome Medic press release considering the Oct 31, 2017 publish date of this article in JAMA (The Journal of the American Medicine Association):

And the ancillary press from Time Magazine, Huffington Post, Consumer Reports, etc ...





What is Glyphosate?

Glyphosate is an herbicide. It is applied to the leaves of plants to kill both broadleaf plants and grasses. The sodium salt form of glyphosate is used to regulate plant growth and ripen fruit.
Glyphosate was first registered for use in the U.S. in 1974. Glyphosate is one of the most widely used herbicides in the United States. People apply it in agriculture and forestry, on lawns and gardens, and for weeds in industrial areas. Some products containing glyphosate control aquatic plants.

You can be exposed to glyphosate if you get it on your skin, in your eyes or breathe it in when you are using it. You might swallow some glyphosate if you eat or smoke after applying it without washing your hands first. You may also be exposed if you touch plants that are still wet with spray. Glyphosate isn't likely to vaporize after it is sprayed. When high doses were administered to laboratory animals, some studies suggest that glyphosate has carcinogenic potential. Studies on cancer rates in people have provided conflicting results on whether the use of glyphosate containing products is associated with cancer. Some studies have associated glyphosate use with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Glyphosate comes in many forms, including an acid and several salts. These can be either solids or an amber-colored liquid. There are over 750 products containing glyphosate for sale in the United States. Always follow label instructions and take steps to avoid exposure. If any exposures occur, be sure to follow the First Aid instructions on the product label carefully. For additional treatment advice, contact the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222. If you wish to discuss a pesticide problem, please call 1-800-858-7378.



Monsanto Glyphosate Medical Implications

Reporting on glyphosate and the potential dangers of weed killer Roundup.


Behind the Scenes from the Landmark Monsanto Glyphosate Trial

Get the inside scoop on Monsanto’s strategic, purposeful programs to discredit the scientists and eliminate the evidence that proves the dangers of Roundup. These highly engaging videos are "must watch TV" for anyone concerned about Roundup, glyphosate and Monsanto's influence over our food system. https://responsibletechnology.org/wisnerinterviews/watch-the-wisner-interviews


Glyphosate Testing Kits

Kits for glyphosate testing can be ordered here:
https://health-research-institute.net/glyphosate/order-kit/. These are the kits that Tara uses.


How Biome Medic works:

The Biome Medic Ingredients specifically target supporting; nutrient absorption, healthy digestion, and proper immune system function.

Ingredients Include:

PrebioSure™, Digestive Wheat Germ Extract, Chicory Root Fiber Extract, HumicSure™ Fulvic & Humic acid blend, and Lactospore®



GCI's scientific team has developed a line of plusbiotic ingredients that support the regrowth of the intestines.

The first of these ingredients is protected under the PrebioSure Brand — the only clinically proven ingredient to greatly enrich the epithelium enterocytes of the small intestinal mucosa and enable the reconstruction of healthy uniform villi, which are responsible for the optimal absorption of macro-, micro- and trace elements.

PrebioSure is based on several years of research and the development of a proprietary enzymatic extraction of biologically active compounds such as benzoquinone from non-GMO and organic food grade wheat germ. Its synergistic and symbiotic effect combats harmful bacteria and nourishes beneficial bacteria, aiding in many metabolic processes and preventing the unwanted side-effects — such as flatulence, bloating and diarrhoea — caused by inulin, IMO, FOS, GOS and XOS.

Additional PrebioSure information


Digestive Wheat Germ Extract-

Wheat germ has excellent nutritional value as a food supplement, experts say. It’s a great source of vegetable proteins, along with fiber and healthy fats. It’s also a good source of magnesium, zinc, thiamin, folate, potassium, and phosphorus.Wheat germ is high in vitamin E, an essential nutrient with antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are believed to decrease free radicals in the body, and research suggests natural sources of antioxidants are best for preventing disease.



Chicory Root Fiber Extract-

Medicinal use of chicory root dates back to ancient Egyptians and it has been used to treat everything from pulmonary disease or tuberculosis, to cancer, cough, or wounds. A few preliminary studies suggest that drinking “chicory coffee” might offer some anti-inflammatory benefits for the heart and osteoarthritis. In terms of glucose control, the root contains up to 40% inulin, which is a zero on the glycemic index, so it has a negligible effect on raising blood sugar.



HumicSure™ Fulvic & Humic acid blend

To help feed vital minerals directly to the gut and chelate away toxins that together allow the villi to regenerate strength and grow back.

Humic acid is a long chain molecule that is part of the substance humic compound. The molecule has a high molecular weight, is dark brown in color and soluble in an alkaline solution. The most significant characteristic of this illusive molecular complex is its ability to provide balance on a microscopic level. This amazing trait is due to humic acid’s ability to accept and donate electrons. For centuries, ancient cultures have applied Humic Acid’s powerful characteristics to promote and maintain good health. The molecule’s ability to bind to both positive and negatively charged ions makes it possibly the most powerful anti-oxidant and free-radical scavenger known.




LactoSpore® is a commercial probiotic preparation containing L(+) lactic acid producing microbial preparation from Bacillus coagulans, MTCC 5856 (earlier known to be Lactobacillus sporogenes).

The human digestive tract contains about 400 different bacterial species that reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and promote a healthy digestive system. And lactic acid producing bacteria are the largest inhabitant group amongst all. LactoSpore® produces L(+) lactic acid, grows in the temperature range of 35 °C to 50 °C and the optimum pH range is 5.5–6.5.

The role of lactic acid bacteria in gastrointestinal microecology has been the subject of extensive research. It is widely believed that these bacteria prevent the growth of putrefactive microorganisms by;Competitive inhibition, Generation of non-conducive acidic environment, and Production of antibiotic-like substances (bacteriocins).



Further Biome Medic Research

Research studies sponsored by CEO of Purium David Sandoval


The Best Solution

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