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Athlete Plan

Testimonial from Isaiah Alder, Tara's son

"I am a passionate basketball player and am currently coaching at North Eugene High School some of the up and coming baseball athletes there. When my mom shared these high quality Purium super foods with me it reminded me of my childhood growing up with my mom feeding me green smoothies each mooring before breakfast and before each game. I invested my own money in this Athletes Plan and have been feeling super charged ever since. (Other than my wisdom teeth need surgically removed and that has been no fun, but I must say the super foods came at just the right time since chewing is difficult and these super foods are easy to consume). I believe in the research my mom has done and so I am taking my Super Amino 23 every day along with the other super foods and so far it's been the best investment I have made in my health. Thank you mom for raising me on organic food and educating me about nutrition and encouraging me to achieve my greatest dreams. I love you and am grateful to have found Purium through you." ~ Isaiah Alder

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ABHA Extended Flex Foods List

The Alder Brooke Healing Arts Flex Foods List is located here.


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