Healing is a journey. Many people come to me with their physical ailments hoping to gain relief. What they find is that their experience during the healing process creates an opportunity for re-awakening. As we begin to learn from our bodies and listen to them more closely, we are brought back to a more balanced self.

I choose water as a healing element. Loosening, softening and flowing into us, water helps in the creation of an opening for healing, an opening that then offers a channel for release. As we let go of that which no longer serves us, we shed light on new, fresh and vital parts of our being we once suppressed.

This process is more than just physical; it often triggers an emotional letting go as well. As we start to stir up old waste in our bodies, our cellular memories rise to the surface and let go. This can be a powerful time for someone, during which he or she gets in touch with what is true and relinquishes what is no longer needed or useful. It is then that the new, fresh and vital may emerge.

What we do to our bodies has a profound effect on our minds, emotions and environment; what we think and feel creates our realities. Modern science is now confirming that all life is connected -- every quark, atom, molecule, cell and being. Nothing happens to anything that does not affect everything else. The popular movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?" features scientists explaining an ancient bit of wisdom that says, "As above, so below" or "As inside, so outside." You are what you eat, think, feel, breathe and retain. Imagine how our consumption choices affect our feelings, thoughts and actions and, therefore, the entire world. What we do to our bodies we do to the earth.

Your intestine, very much like a city, is populated by thousands of types of organisms -- some beneficial, some neutral and some potentially harmful. The climate we create with the raw materials we provide our bodies is what attracts and maintains these "citizens" in their lifestyles. Do we want to create a balanced environment of healthy diversity by providing plenty of cleanliness, fresh air and wholesome food? Or will we promote the influx of harmful "gangs" and parasitic "criminals" by letting the garbage crews go on strike and filling our inner cities with junk food from restaurants and convenience stores that provide only highly processed foods?

So what is the answer? Making healthy consumption choices that support balanced nutrition and effective elimination is very important. This can be enhanced by exercising regularly and using herbs, fibers, oils and even clay internally for detoxification of multiple organs seasonally. With colon hydrotherapy, which is also called colonics, colon irrigation or high enemas, you may be able to cleanse and heal more effectively.

Colon hydrotherapy is the professional term used to describe a way to rejuvenate every cell in one's body. The process involves the use of pure water to hydrate the colon, resulting in the improvement of the body's natural ability to eliminate waste. Colonics also assist in the absorption of vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients. Moreover, colonics aid in the balancing of the body's ecosystem by cleaning out harmful or potentially pathogenic bacteria and allowing beneficial or symbiotic bacteria to flourish. For these and other reasons, colonic therapy is sweeping the nation. Many celebrities are talking about the procedure and one can even find YouTube videos showing how the process is performed.

People choose this method of internal cleansing for many reasons. At Alder Brooke Healing Water Centers, we treat each individual as a whole, instead of compartmentalizing the symptoms and ailments in the manner of conventional medicine. Considering each person's history, current health, and goals, we begin restoring inner balance, strengthening the immune system, and establishing patterns of living that support one's whole being in a synergistic way. This allows us to assist in creating happier inhabitants of a more peaceful planet.

The procedure is as follows: warm purified water trickles into the colon via a small disposable tube, loosening and softening old fecal matter and undigested food particles that stagnate, putrefy and ferment. Colon muscles then work with the water to wash out and eliminate the waste. The process is odorless, delivering the matter to the sewage system that will return it to the earth to become fertilizer. The influx of the water allows for the gentle exercising of the colon muscles, potentially strengthening and toning the entire bowel. One goes through as many of the cycles of receiving and releasing as is appropriate for one's body during a forty-five minute session.

We look at not only cleansing but also at strengthening and supporting optimal health.

Imagine a wave gently rolling onto the beach, receding and carrying away silt and residue. As one's bowel contents empty, one's liver and lymph release, allowing for multiple organ detoxification. Ultimately, as one's body is rid of harmful waste, one is able to absorb pure water into the body, cleansing and feeding every cell.

At Alder Brooke, real therapy is happening. Education and support for proper consumption and lifestyle plays a key role in the colon therapy and internal cleansing process. We look at not only cleansing but also at strengthening and supporting optimal health. We teach healthy choices and provide an individualized outline for creating the best plan for people to reach their highest goals. Of paramount importance in the entire process is being able to love ourselves; it is crucial to healing on personal and planetary levels. Your health is your wealth and happiness, so nurture it well. You deserve it.

Enjoy the free educational information on my web site and look for a therapist in your area. Visit one of Alder Brooke Healing Water Centers in Eugene, Oregon or Kona, Hawaii and let us help you design a health plan that is customized to your needs and applicable where you live and when you travel. Aloha and blessings of health and vitality.

Tara Alder is an Internal Cleansing Specialist certified by the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy. She can be reached by telephone at 541.513.7894 or email at taralyn@alderbrooke.com. Her web site is www.alderbrooke.com.