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Anti-Fungal Remedies

Apple cider vinegar (you may consume this daily as a supplement or add it to your food)
Pau d’arco (this is an herb you can buy in bulk, tea or in tincture form, I use both the tea and the tincture)
Olive leaf extract (ask the girls at Evergreen nutrition)
Oil of oregano (I buy oils through Young Living Essential oils)
Oil of thyme or fresh thyme (Use topically and orally in a veggie cap as a supplement)
Burdock root (you may buy this fresh in the produce department)
Grape fruit seed extract (you may find this at Evergreen Nutrition, consume the drops orally as directed on the bottle)
Caprylic acid and malic acid (ask the girls at Evergreen nutrition)
Wormwood (ask the girls at Evergreen nutrition or Mrs. Thomson’s Herbals)
Golden Seal (ask the girls at Evergreen nutrition or Mrs. Thomson’s Herbals)
Greater Celandine (ask the girls at Evergreen nutrition or Mrs. Thomson’s Herbals)
Marigold (ask the girls at Evergreen nutrition or Mrs. Thomson’s Herbals)
Myrrh (ask the girls at Evergreen nutrition or Mrs. Thomson’s Herbals)

Eat lots of broccoli, carrots, berries, and green apples. These do not feed fungus or yeasts. Garlic may be helpful also.
Begin removing micotoxins from your body. This means avoiding sugar, corn, grains, and all fruit except green apples, berries and grapefruit while consuming the anti fungal herbs and oils. Stop feeding the fungus!
For two weeks alternate anti fungals while removing fungus and yeast feeding foods.
Cleanse every 7 weeks until desired results are attained. No more skin eruptions and no more black goopy tar when cleansing. You may do the multi organ detox and the 5 to 7 day cleansing fast or you may focus on each organ one by one starting with the liver and gall bladder. You will continue with the colon hydrotherapy cleansing at least once a month in between the more focused cleansing programs where you will come in once a week.

Psoriasis Healing Herbs
Blend equal parts of these first four herbs from Mrs. Thomson’s Herbals and drink them as a tea 3x’s daily.
Burdock (blood cleanser)
Sarsaparilla and Yellow Dock (both are good detoxifiers)
You may also consider
Mountain Grape
Red Clover (blood cleanser)
Yellow Dock
Milk Thistle (increases bile flow and protects the liver helping keep blood clean)
Goldenseal extract (alcohol free) may be applied to reduce swelling and redness. Use this after exfoliating skin with a dry skin brush or loofah.

You may also take hot baths with powdered ginger (2 tablespoons) and Dead Sea salts (1 to 2 cups). You may also add lavender oil to bath to fight inflammation and sooth skin. Sea water is great for healing psoriasis challenged skin.

Psoriasis Healing Single Essential Oils
Roman and German Chamomile
Tea Tree (Melaluka)

Psoriasis Healing Blends of Essential Oils
Juva Flex
Juva Cleanse

You may use any of the blends or single oils directly on your skin, ears and feet.

You may consider blending yourself 2 drops of each Melrose, R. Chamomile, lavender and patchouli into 1 to 2 tablespoons of quality coconut butter, evening primrose oil or olive oil. Rub onto hands, feet, ears and any areas of concern. For your scalp try this blend with coconut butter in the shower on weekends and avoid washing your hair again until necessary. (1 to 2 days)

You will benefit from oral consumption of evening primrose oil, flax seed oil or cod liver oil 3 times a day to ensure essential fatty acids.

Carrot juice consumption daily for vitamin A and beta carotene is essential.

Sun light for vitamin D is also essential.

Zinc has also been said to be crucial for metabolism of proteins essential for healing. Copper is needed with zinc to balance it.

A diet rich in fiber is great to keep the digestive tract clean. It is important to eat plenty of enzyme rich raw fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains. You may include mercury free fresh fish. Avoid most meat, dairy, processed foods, sugar and white flour. Minimize citrus fruits as they may be an irritant. Ensure that you are getting plenty of selenium, B vitamins, vitamin E, and vitamin C with bioflavonoids. You may consider supplementing with an anti oxidant blend of whole fruits and herbs as well as an alkalizing blend of greens. An overly acidic PH is often associated with psoriasis. Alkalize while you cleanse and treat for fungus.

Try Swiss water processed decaffeinated coffee enemas.
Boil 4 quarts of water then add 1 cup of ground coffee beans and let simmer till the oils of coffee is released into the water (about 10 to 15 minutes). Cool to about 100 degrees and then strain. Rinse enema bag and prepare the enema bag by attaching parts putting the valve close to the tip. Close valve and fill the bag with coffee, open valve over the sink or toilet to release any air in the line then close it again and hang the bag on the door knob where you will receive the enema. Lay a towel down and lay on your back with your butt toward the door knob. Lubricate the tip and your bottom. Place tip into yourself about 2 inches then release the valve slowly while you are holding the tube close to the tip. As you receive the liquid you may increase or reduce the rate of flow by squeezing the valve closing or opening the tube thus enhancing or slowing the flow. This may help you to be able to receive the entire bag at one time or not. You may also consider rolling to your right hand side eventually as you coax the water to the far side of your colon toward your cecum and appendix. You will get a complete fill and rinse as you roll. You may have to hold still at the beginning as any movement may cause stimulation provoking urgency to eliminate. Follow this process each time as you will benefit from a few coffee enemas in a row. Stimulate your colon by rubbing your abdomen as you are eliminating. Follow coffee enemas with a probiotic rinse as well as oral consumption of a quality probiotic.

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