Testimonial written by an 30 year young female college student who prefers to be kept anonymous:

I can't begin to say enough about Tara. She is just the most nicest, generous person!

I felt immediately at ease when first talking to her over the phone. Being that the topic matter was a bit unusual for me, feeling comfortable with the person who was going to do my first colonic was very important to me. Upon meeting her in person, that comfortable feeling deepened as I now consider Tara a friend. My first colonic session with her went very smoothly. She takes the time to explain everything, answering any questions and addressing any concerns that come up. Physically, the whole session was quite comfortable as well. During which, Tara gently asked if I had been experiencing any itching in the rectal area. My jaw dropped, not because she asked but because she was right!

It turns out that I still had pinworms that were before misdiagnosed by my regular doctor. I would have still been continuing to apply an ointment for a problem that didn't exist had Tara not recognized the worms and said something. I am so thankful that she did, as I immediately sought proper care for the worms and am now itch free, not to mention a few pounds lighter. Colonic therapy really is positive addition to maintaining my health.

Thank you Tara!

abha tree

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